Fountainhead Hotel Spain

Want to learn more about Fountainhead, Spain? Read on for facts and info on the luxury hotel Fountainhead of Spain…

Set amidst a wild and beautiful location, Fountainhead is the name of a luxury weekend destination hotel in Spain. The luxury hotel has a peaceful ambience and is considered to be a very relaxing place where one feels close to nature.

One of the unique things that sets this vacation destination apart is the fact that it aims to take you away from the contemporary urbanized lifestyles by offering you a place that is free from the usual technological amenities found in other hotels such as widescreen televisions, phones and computers. However, if a particular guest requires those services they can be arranged on-demand. Furthermore you will not be provided maids and hence will not be disturbed frequently. Similarly you will be allowed to make your own breakfast as and when you like. In its essence the management of the hotel will leave you free to do whatever you wish and will only come to your assistance when called for. The services of the Fountainhead Hotel aim to provide you with a homelike environment giving you the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Fountainhead Facilities

Apart from the unique accommodation that Fountainhead has to offer it is well known for its restaurant that offers an intimate experience. The restaurant is acknowledged as being an award-winning eatery that offers modern and healthy food with a taste of traditional Spanish cuisine.

Fountainhead is surrounded by natural hillsides adding an air of magnificence to the hotel. The local dishes prepared in the restaurant make use of olives and almonds that are harvested on the hotel’s own property. It is from these olives that they derive their own olive oil. As it is Andalusia is famous for its rich harvests which the tourists have an opportunity to tantalize their taste buds with. The restaurant has a dedicated space which serves as a private dining room and it also has a lounge bar and an open courtyard.

Guests can take advantage of the banquet halls inside the hotel, which can be used to host special events. From small intimate wedding celebrations to elaborate parties and quiet family dinners there is plenty of room for putting on all kinds of events. Fountainhead has also developed a special area for corporate entertaining. These halls can be used as conference and meeting rooms where there are opportunities for organizing formal brunches and lunches for corporate guests.

On the inside the Fountainhead suites have been decorated in an unique and striking manner. The theme reflects an air of rustic charm combined with luxurious glamour. The suites have been made in such a way so as to offer completely private accommodation. You will find each suite equipped with a King sized bed, an attached bath and a special dining area with cooking facilities along with a living area. Depending upon the floor the suite also has a terrace or garden space thereby providing the guests with the utmost comfort and luxury.


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