Indian Diamond Necklaces Designs

Want to learn more about Indian diamond necklace designs? Read on for facts and info about the different kinds of traditional Indian diamond necklace designs…

When it comes to high-end jewelry the diamond necklace is one article that stands unparalleled. Diamond necklaces have been worn in India since many centuries and it continues to appeal to the modern masses. In fact in today’s Times traditional Indian diamond necklace designs have been reintroduced to the modern masses with a contemporary twist.

Basically there are two aspects to a diamond necklace; one has to do with the nature of the diamonds and the other has to do with their setting and the design of the necklace itself. Traditional Indian designs for diamond necklaces have attracted women from all over the world. Indian designs are known for their grandeur and intricate handcrafted details.

Some of the most popular Indian diamond necklace designs are as follows:

Beaded Necklaces

The style of beaded necklaces has been prevalent in India for many centuries. This is an extremely versatile style that allows you to create many different looks. Beaded necklaces are made using a wide variety of precious gemstones. In such designs the necklace is actually suspended around the neck of the wearer with a linked chain made up of beads of precious gemstones such as diamonds. The glitter and shine that such necklaces give out is truly unparalleled.

Polki Necklaces

This is yet another authentic design originating out of the Indian subcontinent. Polki designs are extremely popular and have made their way into the western mainstream as well. Basically according to this design you make use of uncut diamonds in different settings and actually create the jewelry article around the uncut diamond. Polki necklaces can be made in a wide variety of styles to suit the wearer’s preference.

Kundan Necklaces

This particular design sense is centuries old. It employs the use of diamonds in a very interesting manner. The style is reminiscent of Victorian sensibilities with elements such as chandelier like structures etc. Diamonds are incorporated in small sizes and a very interesting composition of diamonds is created to give an awe inspiring appeal.

Indian Bridal Necklaces

Indian bridal diamond necklaces are lauded all over the world for their glamorous appearance. Traditionally bridal necklaces tend to be extremely heavy. They would appear to be overdone but when you look closely the meticulously crafted attention to detail will leave you awe struck. Indian bridal diamond necklaces are adorned with intricate carvings which are hand made adding value to the design. The medium of choice is almost always gold. When studded with brilliant diamonds Indian bridal necklaces become a sight for sore eyes.

Above mentioned are just some of the fine examples of the kind of diamond necklace designs that you will be able to find in India. However, women always have the chance to go for customized diamond necklace designs inspired by one or more of the styles mentioned above.

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