Indian Fry Bread Recipes

Are you looking for an Indian fried bread recipe? Did you always want to learn to make Indian fry bread; if you are looking for a lip smacking Indian fry bread recipe read our informative article…

Indian fry bread is a wholesome and nutritious breakfast item. When coupled with jelly or jam it is delicious. Or try covering it in powdered sugar a la doughnuts for a perfect brunch item. So without further ado, here is an easy recipe to make delicious Indian fry bread.

It will take you about 15 minutes to prepare and you will need
2 cups of all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder, 1tbsp vegetable oil
½ tsp salt and
¾ cup water

When you are ready to start take a medium sized bowl and mix the flour, baking powder and salt together in it, now add oil and water to the mixture, Kneed it to make soft dough.

Once the dough is ready make small balls out of it and set them on a lightly floured board. The ingredients should be just enough to make 10 golf ball sized balls. Now flatten each ball into a pancake, but not that thin and poke a hole in the center of each flattened dough ball.

Now its time to cook the dough balls, you can use lard or shortening to fry them, fill a large frying pan with ¾ inch of frying medium. Now fry the flattened dough balls for a few seconds on each side until they are a nice golden brown on each side.

Once they are brown you can take them out and place them on a paper towel to drain the excess oil. Now, if you want to coat them in powdered sugar like doughnuts just put them in a bag with powdered sugar in it while they are still warm and give the bag a quick shake. Once the balls are well coated in sugar you can take them out and serve them.

Alternatively you can even serve them without the sugar coating with accompaniments like your favorite jelly or jam

It is very easy to store fried bread in your freezer and it lasts for almost a month. All you need to do is let them cool before placing them in a freezer bag and tossing them into the freezer

The spectacular thing about this Indian fry bread recipe is that you will need less than 15 minutes to make it and you will need only 15 minutes to whip up these fluffy and amazingly delicious treats. Since the recipe contains no egg or butter it is perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike. You can also use maple syrup instead of jelly; it tastes equally good. This dish is perfect as an ‘any time’ snack and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes, so you won’t have to leave your guests hungry for too long.

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