Spanish Baby Names Meanings

Want to choose a noble Spanish name for your newborn baby girl or boy? Want to know the meanings behind some of the most popular Spanish child names? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want.

Names have existed as long as language has and they play an important function on the personal and social level as well. On the social level our names are what differentiate us from others within a group. The name of an individual can also have an affect on his personality and this can be both positive and negative. This depends on a number of things like the spelling, sound and meaning of the name. A name that is likely to be made fun of during the schooling years of a child may turn out to be damaging for his personality. Similarly a name with a negative meaning may also have its effect on the individual. In recent years people have started to take on Spanish names for their young ones. One should however exercise caution and find out what the name means before giving it to their children.

Parents should be careful not to select a name based on the way that it sounds only. There is no doubt about the fact that one can find the sweetest sounding names in the Spanish language. Their meanings however may not always be as sweet as you would like them to be. Take for example this simple and sweet sounding name “Lola”. Very Spanish and very sweet indeed but it has a gloomy meaning of “sorrow”. With patience and the right resources you can avoid these pitfalls and get yourself a great Spanish name with a virtuous meaning.

Good names with good meanings

Many people have come to hear of Spanish names through the television media. Intrigued by the showings on the silver screen people are keen on adopting a Spanish name for their children. Amistad is a Spanish name made famous by the television. Feel free to go with this name because it has a decent meaning which is “Friendship”. Cortez is another movie flick name that means conqueror. Another Spanish name that sounds good and has a good meaning to compliment it is Zenon. The name has a very futuristic sound although it dates back to long ago in history. The name means “Living”. Buena is another unique Spanish name for girls. The meaning of the name is good, that’s not a compliment to the meaning, that’s actually what Buena means!

Aldonza is an exquisite Spanish name that has a very exotic sound to it. The meaning of the name is “sweet” which is always good to give to a pretty little girl. We have all heard the name Ventura on the TV but most of us probably don’t know that it is actually a Spanish name from olden days. The name has a very positive and encouraging meaning for the bearer as it translates as “Good luck”. Another Spanish name that is commonly heard of is Rosabell. The name has a rather obvious yet decent meaning and that is “Beautiful rose”. If you want a name that will keep motivating your young one throughout his life then Salvador is a name that means “Savior” and it also has a super hero type feel to it. The internet has a huge databank of Spanish names and their meanings which a potential Spanish name seeker should check out before making the final choice.

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