Modified Indian Bikes

Do you want to know more about modified Indian bikes? Would you like to know about the procedure that goes in to the making of a modified Indian bike? Read our guide for facts & information…

There has been an upswing in the spending power of Indian consumers in the last few years compelling makers of various consumer durables to launch better and more attractive models. While people who have the money go ahead and buy the latest bike models in the market those who have the time, patience and the passion for it prefer modified Indian bikes.

These modified Indian bikes are often remodeled to resemble a model of the owner’s choice and are essentially imitations of the super bikes. With the average price of these super bikes well within the range of a few hundred thousand Indian rupees not every flashy youngster can afford them. So the next best option is to consider modified Indian bikes.

Modified Indian bikes are remodeled to augment their performance or to change their looks. You could of course go for both these alterations as well. But going for modified Indian bikes that have been remodeled to improve performance does not guarantee the performance that you would get from your dream bike.

You could either go to the nearest body works shop to get your bike modified or if you have some time on you hands there are various modification kits available for the various parts of a bike. On the other hand if you have a specific design or look in mind you could get creative and ask the companies to incorporate your vision into your dream bike.

If you choose a modification kit that is look-oriented you can get stylish graphics for the painted areas of your bike, clip on handle bars, rear view mirrors, specially designed seats, mag-alloy wheels and tuned exhaust silencers. You could also opt for fitted petrol tanks and/or mudguards for your bike.

You need to understand that when you spend money for modified Indian bikes you are not really getting a super bike even if you can manage to get the same look the bike will still lack in performance so its best to realize the limitations so that you can decide on the amount of money that you would like to spend.

If you are interested in getting your bike modified it is advisable to seek the services of an experienced bike modifier and not head to the nearest mechanic. This is a job for a specialist so it is important that you choose the modifier carefully. After all the final effect that you get will largely depend on the expertise of the modifier working on your bike.

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