West Indian Bangles

Want to buy West Indian bangles? Read on to find out about the traditional style of West Indian bangles…

The West Indian bangles that have become a popular fashion accessory in modern times were actually developed many centuries ago. Over the years the traditional style has been maintained by successive generations and continues to appeal to the modern masses.

Although the style in which West Indian bangles are created was developed thousands of years ago they are still considered to be extremely stylish with their sleek appearance. Many people consider them to be a symbol of freedom and confidence. Characteristic West Indian bangles display intricate designs which are meticulously carved onto the surface of the bangles. Skilled artisans make use of chisels to employ their artwork on these bangles.

Typical designs include traditional mysterious tribal patterns that are full of seductive curves and jagged lines. The most attention grabbing element of West Indian bangle designs are the ends. This portion of the bangle often has a three dimensional design displayed in a cross. For example one of the most popular designs is where two tiger heads are shown facing each other. Such bangles are considered to have symbolic messages such as passion and power. Over the years many different designs and concepts for West Indian bangles have been developed and they continue to soar in terms of popularity up till today.

West Indian Bangles History

It is interesting to note that the West Indian style of creating bangles is actually a fusion of two distinct historical styles that made their way to the West Indian region many years ago. It was during the period of slavery that the bangle making style of Africa and India were introduced in the West Indies.

According to tradition African women would wear bangles for the purpose of adornment. On the other hand bangles were considered to be a symbol of marriage in the Indian culture. In the West Indian culture the bangles came into their own and were considered to be an important fashion accessory.

The most popular materials for making West Indian bangles were gold and silver. The head and body of these bangles would then be decorated with detailed engravings of various symbols, designs and patterns.

Distinctive West Indian Bangle

West Indian bangles are lauded for their distinctive sense of design and aesthetics. There are a number of things about these bangles that makes them different from other conventional bangles. One of the best things about them is the fact that West Indian bangles are known for their high quality construction which makes them unique, durable and long-lasting.

Another aspect of West Indian bangles that sets them apart from others is the fact that they are purposefully made flexible. This allows them to fit onto different wrist sizes. The traditional way of wearing these bangles is to wear them in pairs of two each on each hand. Today you will be able to find West Indian bangles for adults as well as in baby sizes.

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