Capodimonte Vicenza Italy

Want to learn more about Cappodimonte Vicenza, Italy? Read on for facts and info on the most popular company involved in the production of porcelain in Italy…

Capodimonte is the name of a company that has been involved in the production of porcelain products in Italy since the 1700s. Known as “Vicenza” in Italy, the company began producing porcelain in 1759 at the Royal factory in Naples. The production at this facility continued up to 1718. Today the classic pieces of Capodimonte vicenza are very difficult to find and highly sought after by collectors. However modern collectors have the opportunity to go for mid century figurines, electric lamps, molded flowers and various other ornamental objects produced by the company.

Throughout the course of history the company has always marked products with the letter N in blue on the bottom surface. This mark is to be found on all those vicenza products that were produced in the Naples facility. As the company moved out of Naples and set up its factories in other regions of Italy the porcelain products were stamped with the marks of those particular factories.

For those individuals looking to conduct research into the type of porcelain that Capodimonte is famous for producing, there is a book by the name of “Capodimonte Collectibles” by Bloom which gives the reader a detailed account of the history and the variety of products produced by the company. It is important to note that this book is now out of print but you might be able to find it online.

The truth about Capodimonte Vicenza products is that they will not appeal to everybody. This is because of their antique look and feel. However, those with knowledge and appreciation of the unique sense of aesthetics employed in the construction of the porcelain products know their worth. Some of the electric lamps that were produced between 1940s and 50s have been created in a striking design that can enlighten any modern interior even today. In general it has been observed that women tend to have greater appreciation for Capodimonte Vicenza products.

History of Capodimonte Vicenza

A few years after the company began production in Naples its name became synonymous with the highest quality ceramics and porcelain products. According to historical records it was King Charles marriage into a family that was involved with the production of hard paste porcelain that led to the development of the Royal factory in Naples. On being exposed to the porcelain products produced by Maria Amalia, the king developed a passion for porcelain and sought to set up his own factory

King Charles did not only set up a state-of-the-art production facility for its time but he also commissioned the greatest artists and craftsmen who were highly skilled in the making of porcelain products to work for the first ever factory of Capodimonte. Production started with plates, small and large bowls, vases, tea and coffee cups, jugs, tea caddies, sugar bowls, snuff boxes and teapots. The company was also renowned for making highly ornate stick handles that were mounted in gold.



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