Fornelli Italy

Want to learn more about Fornelli, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this Italian commune situated in the province of Isernia in Italy…

Fornelli is the name of a commune situated in the province of Province Isernia in Italy. This made the region part of the Molise territory. The commune is situated on top of a hill close to the Vardia River. The unique setting of the Italian commune places it facing the Colle Ginestra. This is the region famous for housing the ruins of the ancient Italic propolis. It is because of this that the Fornelli commune attracts visitors from all over the world on a seasonal basis.

Mention of Fornelli has been made in written records that date back to the 10th century. These records were found inside one of the ancient castles that are located in the territory. According to the records the purpose of building its castle was to defend a very prestigious site in the commune which was the monastery of San Vincenzo al Voltrono. The commune gets its unique name from a manmade phenomenon that exists in the territory. This was a large oven which was created for the purpose of baking clay bricks that were used to facilitate construction work. In the Italian language the large oven was known as a forno, and hence the name Fornelli.

Historians have also been able to determine that this was not in fact the original name of the commune. In its initial days this directory was known as Fornello. It was in the 18th century that the name was modified to Fornelli although it is believed that the source of the name was the same. Fornelli was also one of the regions that were affected during World War II. In fact the mayor of the region known as the podesta was executed by the German forces as he led the resistance against the German invasion into the territory. The mayor was executed on the fourth of October in 1942. Five other citizens that had played a fundamental role in the resistance against the German forces were also executed along with the mayor. It was because of these sacrifices that the commune was awarded a medal of military valor.

Fornelli Tourist Attractions

Tourists to the region of Fornelli have a variety of different sites to see during their trip. Foremost among the must-see sights of the city is the Parish Church. The church is a historical building that was dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo. It is renowned for its portal, a very distinctive arched entrance. Another popular site is the Palazzo Vecchio which should not be missed by any tourists making their way to the commune. The locality has its own special events that are celebrated during the year. Two of its most important events are the tuzza, which is celebrated a week before Easter and the vintage feast celebrated in October. Along with this the beautiful mountainous region where the town is located is itself a treat for the eyes.


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