History of Italian Sports

Wondering about the track record of the Italians when it comes to sports? Take a look into the history of Italian sports and marvel at the achievements that this sporting nation has made over the years.

When you analyze the track record of Italian sports you will realize that they have made history in various different fields of sport. Over the years the Italians have been extremely good representatives of various sports on individual as well as team levels. Sportsmen from the country have brought home many championships, awards, medals and most of all respect in the eyes of the world. Amongst the different things that have brought the Italians fame and fortune is sport and the Italians continue to rise as one of the leading sporting nations of the world.

Major achievements in sports over the years

As mentioned the Italians have had their share of victories in varied sporting events. But nothing compares to the success that the Italians have achieved in the sport of football over the many years that it has been participating in the game. This is definitely the most important game in the country in terms of participation and spectatorship and the Italians have a formidable track record in football history. The national team has managed to bring home the World cup four times in its history of its participation. The Italians became world champions in 1934 for the first time. Success followed in 1938, 1982 and today the Italians are the proud winners of the latest world cup tournament of 2006. In 1968 the national team took home the European Nations Cup and in its Olympic Games participation the country has also won a gold medal in the year 1936.

Auto Racing is another sport in which the Italians have made their mark in more than one way. The Italians are not only credited with having top class racing car drivers rather some of the world’s best sporting cars are built in the country. One of the major achievements in the world of Auto Racing is by an Italian car manufacturer which has managed to win more Formula One races than any other sports car manufacturer in the world. The company is none other than Ferrari. Italian race car drivers have become Champions of the British Touring Car Championship more than once. In fact the current Champion is the Italian Fabrizio Giovanardi.

The Italians have also been world renowned motorcycle racers making history with there amazing bikes and riders as well. The all time leader in terms of victories of the motorcycle Grand Prix is a proud Italian by the name of Giacomo Agostini. Even the second all time best performer in the Grand Prix is an Italian and he is still pretty much famous in and outside of the country; Valentino Rossi.

Cycling is another sport that has been well represented by the Italians over the years. For the Italians its cycling history is an important part of its heritage. Coppi and Bartali are two of the most well renowned Italian cyclists that have won many championships throughout the years. In the limited space it is impossible to do justice with the history of Italian sports as their achievements can form a whole encyclopedia on their own. The above mentioned are some of the few most important achievements that the country has made over the years.

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