Working in Spain

Are you looking for work in Spain? Want to know what type of work is available in Spain? Our guide to jobs and working in Spain gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Spain is not generally regarded as the best place in Europe for work. Spain has one of the highest percentages of its population who are without work in Europe, so finding work as a foreigner in Spain can be difficult.  The two biggest barriers you will find to working in Spain are the language barrier and the work related legal regulations in Spain. However, provided you have the legal right to work in Spain there are a couple of popular options for working in Spain.

Work regulations in Spain

EU nationals are entitled to enter Spain without a visa, and work in Spain for a period of up to three months before having to register. If you plan on working in Spain for longer than three months then you will have to apply for a residence card in Spain allowing you to work permanently. For non EU nationals it is a lot more difficult to work in Spain. Firstly you’ll need a visa from the Spanish embassy in your country. Secondly you’ll need a work permit for Spain which is almost impossible to obtain unless you already have work lined up with an employer in Spain who can send you a letter of invitation to work in Spain.

ELT work in Spain

The most obvious choice of work in Spain for those who are English speakers is to teach English language in Spain. Qualifications will definitely help you to get better work in Spain, although for this type of work it’s not always necessary. There are many language schools across Spain who offer work in this field to people without qualifications.

Working at a tourist resort in Spain

There is usually some kind of seasonal work to be found in the tourist areas in Spain such as Ibiza or the Costa Brava. Most of the work available in this sector in Spain will involve serving tourists either in bars, clubs or restaurants in Spain. In order to find this type of work in Spain it’s important that you are in Spain at the beginning of the tourist season and willing to work in Spain for the duration of the season. Be aware that this type of work is not reliable and you are at the mercy of your boss who may fire you without warning if business happens to get slow.

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