Australian Apprenticeships

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With the short duration of exciting Australian apprenticeship training opportunities ranging from December First, 2009 until end of February 2010 there are many people clamoring for the $3350 Apprentice Kick Start Bonus. This is provided to any employer who takes on an apprentice who is 19 years or younger and teaches them a traditional Australian trade under the Australian apprenticeship program.

Basically this kick start bonus was initiated by the Australian government to encourage support for those employers who assist young and uninitiated people with training and getting skills to earn their living. This amount covered under the Apprentice Kick Start Bonus towards employers actually sees a tripling effect in terms of the support offered by the Australian Government to those employers who are legally eligible to include Australian apprentices in the first year of an apprenticeship in Australia.

Objective of the Australian Apprenticeship Program

There is a constant list of skills, which is required nationally and is mentioned in government publications. These skill sets are actually part of the Australian apprenticeship programs. The objective is to supply a steady stream of highly skilled and a trained workforce. This in turn would create a highly trained labor force to supplement the healthy levels of employment in the Australian market. The services individually cater to the needs of an employer, a job seeker, and a student and provide comprehensive career advisory services.

Benefits of The Australian Apprenticeship Program

The main aim of the Australian Apprentice Kick Start package is an initiation by the Australian government to help companies and employers in terms of reducing the impact of the international recession. This is achieved by retention of the workforce and commencement of training the youth to develop high levels of quality and good work ethics in terms of a particular industry that they plan to work in. Providing an ideal opportunity for the youth to transition from their school and university into the perfect long-term employment, this apprentice program actually trains a student before they enter the job market. It actually has two initiatives; one is the limited kick start bonus for the employers and an opportunity to jumpstart apprenticeships in different Australian trades for the youth.

The Australian Apprenticeships Centers are actually organizations which are under the contract to the government and register students, jobseekers as well as employers and try to find the perfect fit for employers to get the right candidate in terms of an apprentice who would assist the employer while learning a good skill set and starting off a new career path. The aim is to promote the apprenticeship programs in the local regions and administer the payment made towards the employers.

Financial Assistance During the Australian Apprenticeships

Under the Australian apprenticeship program candidates can be eligible for financial assistance through a payment initiative known as ‘Tools For Your Trade ‘ along with the long-term Adult Australian Apprentices support structure and payment initiative. Another allowance is awarded to those living away from their homes and this is supplemented by the Austudy as well as youth allowance, all of which are effected during the contract between the employer and the apprentice.


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