Italian Greyhound Information

Want to know why Italian Greyhounds are becoming so popular? Looking for information on what these dogs eat, their exercise habits and living conditions? Our guide to the Italian Greyhound gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Weighing in between the range of 7 to 14lbs the Italian greyhound is one unique breed of dogs. Unlike the original greyhounds the Italian greyhounds have shrunk in size over the years. The average Italian greyhound will measure a measly 13-15 inches in height. But for some odd reasons this pettiness of the dog is one it’s most loved characteristics. The fact that it is complemented with an equally docile and affectionate nature makes the dog a hot favorite for those looking for a companion. If you are looking for a guard dog or one that can help you in hunting then this is not the dog you would want to keep.

Delicate Coats

One of the most intriguing things about the Italian greyhound is its coat. This however can turn out to be its disadvantage as well because it is liable to sustain injury because of being fine skinned. This is why one must exercise caution and not let an Italian greyhound into the bushes or shrubs that may have thorns sticking out of them. The coat contains short and fine hair which looks very beautiful. It has the same shine that you would find on the larger normal greyhound. The Italian greyhounds coat needs to be maintained so that it sustains its glossy look.

Living Conditions

Although the Italian greyhound has its history as a royal court dog it is now seen as a family dog which can even survive in an apartment. The dog is generally of a shy and timid nature and it wouldn’t be scaring off any robbers trying to break into your house that’s for sure. On the other hand it is also liable to cause some property damage when it gets a little naughty. One needs to have a lot of patience when dealing with dogs especially these kinds of dogs that have no real utility other than personal pleasure.

Italian Greyhound Character

The character of the Italian greyhound is such that it will not be able to survive as a dog in a kennel. Rather it will be dependant on its master for affection and companionship. The Italian greyhound is likely to get lonely or sad if it is mistreated or less favorably treated. Keep in mind that this dog is as sensitive in nature as it is in its physical form. This dog is definitely not suitable for a person with a hectic lifestyle.

Diet, Exercise & Care

The Italian greyhound has extremely quick reflexes and can move really fast. This is why we see many people using them for agility trials and races. The Italian greyhound is used for two basic purposes around the world. One is as a sport and the other is personal pleasure. The dog has a timid nature and gets along well with others of his kind. The Italian greyhound is also easy to tame and train. The dog is also active and hence demands frequent exercise and a staple diet. Italian greyhounds have grown in popularity and shrunken in size over the years since it was first part of the royal courts of Italy.

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