Festivals in Sardinia

Are you going on holiday to Sardinia in Italy? Do you want your trip to Sardinia to coincide with one of the annual festivals in Sardinia? Our guide to festivals in Sardinia gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Sardinia is an Island located off the west coast of Italy. Sardinia has a population of approximately 1.5 million people and a rich and long history. Every year there are dozens of different festivals and special occasions celebrated in Sardinia. Below we’ve mentioned some of the most popular festivals in Sardinia.

Summer Festivals in Sardinia

Ardia Festival: This festival kicks off on the 6th of July and wraps up the following day.  The Festival commemorates a Roman military victory that occurred in the 4th century and is celebrated with a day of horse racing accompanied by drinking and general merry making.

Candlestick Festival: This festival in Sardinia is a tradition that dates back to the mid 17th century when a plague was sweeping across Europe. Because Sardinia was spared from the plague this festival was started to commemorate that blessing and every year since then candlelight processions of local Sardinians dressed up in medieval attire have been held. This festival is commemorated in Sardinia on the 14th of August every year.

Autumn Festivals in Sardinia

St. Salvatore Festival: This festival involves an 8km race which most young local men participate in. The history behind it is interesting in that it commemorates a rescue attempt by the locals who tried to save a precious statue from an oncoming Moorish naval threat.  This festival occurs in the first week of September.

Winter Festivals in Sardinia

St. Antonio Abate Festival in Sardinia: This festival is celebrated with the lighting of bonfires in most town squares across Sardinia along with the usual drinking and music.

Carnival: The Carnival is an annual event celebrated in many cities across Italy. It is generally regarded as the last opportunity to have a good time before the onset of lent.

Spring festival in Sardinia

St. Efisio Festival: This festival is commemorated at the beginning of May in Cagliari and involves a costumed procession through the town carrying an effigy of St. Efisio’s effigy.

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