Muir Beach California

Enthralled by Muir Beach California? Learn more about this paradise beach land known as Muir Beach California…

When you meet the residents of Muir Beach California you can find the gratitude in them for a living in a piece of heaven. This piece of paradise in the middle of the country is amazing and disconnected from the rest of the region. It provides for a very healthy lifestyle and serenity is evident in every aspect. There are amazing services for both visitors and locals. For those who have visited the Muir Beach California community, it is a vacation spot that they want to return to year after year.

Location of the Muir Beach, California, US

The Muir Beach, California, US is located in the marine town that lies 6 miles to the south of the Hwy. 1 exit. Highway 101 extends from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. There are just 150 homes making up the full-time residents housing. There are two amazing beaches that surround the amazing areas of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the woodlands and forests that hold the Muir Wood National Monument. The amazing attractions are the stunning Mt. Tamalpais and the Green Gulch Farm/Zen Center. The Slide Ranch is also very popular with the visitors along with the Pelican Inn.

The beautiful region of Muir Beach has amazing wildlife. This includes the Redwood Creek, salmon, pine trees laden with Monarch butterflies, and pastures full of birds, foxes, deer and frogs. You can also find coyotes and other animals. Equestrian lovers will enjoy horse riding and trail blazing as horses and dogs are both allowed on the beach itself. However, it is a good idea to check with the rangers for any change in regulations. The beach currents offer the perfect opportunity for kayak riding and boogie boarding. Both children and adults can enjoy amazing activities.

The fish and stargazing opportunities at night are endless and enthralling. There is a unique community center that runs different craft fairs and classes. It can also be rented out for different events. Interestingly enough, the fire department is a volunteer service and runs a fundraiser barbecue. There is just one school where children flock to, which is the Mill Valley public school.

The area of Muir beach California is known for its pristine beachfront and charming community that shares the zip code of Sausalito. You will not find cable TV here, however there is a book mobile and the region has its own wi-fi Internet service. The road is very curvy so most of the pizza delivery and other delivery units do not offer services for the area as it is difficult to navigate. Offering a charming lifestyle to the residents, this serenity is translated into the entire region. When visitors flock to this area they are perhaps in the middle of the happiest and most peaceful beach community.

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