Authentic Spanish Foods

Spain has a rich and colorful history. With the many nations that ruled Spain the cuisine of the region became extremely rich and diverse. Find out about the different authentic Spanish foods that developed during those years and are still popular to

The Spanish people are very fond of eating. They have a healthy eating habit in which they spread their meals throughout the day rather than focusing on three large meals. Each meal time has its own timings and dishes that are relative to the time of the day. Secondly the kingdom of Spain was divided into many small kingdoms which resulted in diverse regional cuisine. Although each region in Spain has its own unique cuisine there are certain dishes that have gained popularity on a nation wide scale and some have even made it big on the international level.

The authentic delights

Amongst the food items that have originated from Spain is the authentic Spanish omelet. In the Spanish language it is known as the Tortilla Espanola. Eggs from the base of this food item which is accompanied with potatoes and onions. The Spaniards are also fond of consuming soups and stews. A particular soup known as the Gazpacho Andalusian is a hot favorite on a country wide level. The soup that has become a nationwide phenomenon actually originates from the region of Andalucia.

The Spanish are also very fond of seafood. This is especially the case in the regions that lie close to the coast. It is from here that the trend of eating seafood has spread throughout the country. Paella de Marisco is one of the most popular authentic Spanish seafood dishes. This particular dish is served with rice. It originates from the fields of Valencia which is known for its weird cuisines such as rabbit and rice along with snails and vegetables cooked over open fire. The Paella is the most well renowned authentic Spanish dish and can be made with different kinds of meat as well.

Although the consumption of pork had greatly declined during the years of the Muslim rule some regions of Spain are famous for their ham that they produce. Jamon Serrano is an authentic Spanish food item that is made out of ham. Then you have the Chorizo sausage which is yet another pig meat item. After the end of the Muslim era these dishes have become popular all over Spain.

Spanish little big meals

The Spaniards are also famous for their tapas which are the little dishes eaten at rather irregular times from the perspective of the people of the west. There is a huge variety of these dishes coming in from all corners of the country. Each region has its own unique tapas items but the most commonly consumed tapas are olives, ham and chorizo. No matter which corner of the country you go to and whichever of the authentic Spanish foods you consume there are some things that are common amongst all of them. First of all is that fact that all of the dishes have a very similar process of cooking even though the kind of food may vary considerably. The cooking style of Spanish cuisine is pretty much the same as it used to be two or three hundred years ago.

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