Castillo De Ferro Spain

Want to learn more about Castillo de Ferro, Spain? Read on for facts and info on this coastal village of Spain…

The Costa Tropical is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Spain. It is located between the Costa de Almeria and the Costa del Sol of Malaga. The strategic location of this coastal strip places it within close proximity to Africa as well as Sierra Nevada. It also boasts some of the highest peaks on the entire peninsula and over the course of history it has been conquered by many different civilizations.

This region includes many different villages. The most popular villages in the region is the Castell de Ferro. This is a typical Spanish style coastal village which has a number of architectural wonders within it. One of the most important structures that form the center of the coastal village is the castle fortress that has an Arab origin. The castle has been preserved and serves as a testament to the historical cost of the region.

The local population of the village is a mere 3000 people or so. However this number seems to double during the summer season when visitors from all across Europe and other areas of the world flock to the region.

In the center of this coastal village is the main square around which the whole town has been composed. The main square is the center of all activities of the Catil de Ferro. In the summer months the range of activities tends to spread all across the sea front of Castell.  Visitors to the region will be able to find a wide variety of restaurants offering a taste of local cuisine in the main square.

It is because of this reason the main square has a bustling environment and a lively atmosphere. All local amenities are situated within close proximity of the main square and can be reached easily on foot. There are about three supermarkets in the coastal town and tourists will be able to find newspaper shops, delicatessens and ironmongery workshops in the region as well.

The coastal village puts up a weekly market every Saturday. There is a special place right opposite the main village square that has been dedicated for this market. During the summer months however this location is shifted down the promenade where a substantially larger expanse of land is available, enabling the locals to put up a larger market for the tourists. The Promenade itself is about 2 miles long with a beach that includes primarily pebbles. Only in the west side will you be able to find sandy beaches in this coastal town.

One of the unique aspects of this coastal village is the fact that its traditional culture has been preserved over the passage of time. The local population is still primarily Spanish-speaking and the area has not been spoiled by tourism. There is little or no concept of nightlife in the region and the people enjoy a peaceful and traditional lifestyle.


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