Fuerteventura Accommodation Self Catering

Going to Fuerteventura on holiday and in need of accommodation? If yes, to learn more about self-catering rentals read our guide for more facts and information…

Many people choose to stay in self-catering accommodation often because it is cheaper than eating out every meal while on holiday. It is especially popular with people who have strict dietary requirements, or people who have a large family or are travelling with kids. There are a wide variety of types of self catering accommodations in Fuerteventura, such as apartments, holiday homes, or guest house rooms. One can make a selection based on the size of the group as well as the cost, with holiday homes obviously being the most expensive option.

If you are looking for comfortable and safe self-catering accommodation in Fuerteventura then below is a list of some of the best according to location on the island. These generally range upwards in price from 230 Euros per week, but obviously the location, size and facilities determine the rates.

Fuerteventura Accommodation Corralejo

Corralejo boasts the biggest resort on the island. The accommodation choices here are almost unlimited, with various styles, sizes, and costs involved.

If looking for a holiday home in Corralejo one should consider the houses for rent on the Elba Golf Course. Here there are detached villas that have private heated pools, 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a lounge, fitted kitchen and dining room. This is one of the most luxurious self-catering accommodations on the island.

The area of Villa Verde has an abundance of self-catering options, so interested people should look here first.
el Cotillo Accommodation

Couples looking for a romantic getaway should try La Olivia in el Cotillo. There are plenty of condos and apartments that house 2 people with 1 bedroom and 1 apartment. These are fairly affordable, ranging from 200 Euros upwards.

Caleta Fuste Accommodation

In the Caleta area there are many private villas one can rent for a holiday. There are some really beautiful self-catering villas located on the Fuerteventura Golf Course. Here one can have easy access to the facilities of the 5 star hotel located nearby. Also with 4 bedrooms (sleeps 8 people), a private heated pool, and obviously the golf course. These are also located close to numerous restaurants, bars, a shopping centre and grocery store, a cinema and bowling.

Jandia Accommodation

Those looking for more affordable self-catering options in Fuerteventura should look into the apartments available in the Jandia Peninsula. These range upwards from about 40 Euros per night and have 2 bedrooms, sleeping 4 people. Apartments are available on the Globalia Golf Course. There are also the Sol Jandia Mar Apartments.

Costa Calma Accommodation

Renting self-catering accommodation in Costa Calma can be fun. Most of the accommodations are just a few minutes walk from the beautiful beaches, as well as the numerous restaurants and bars in the area. Here one can find accommodation that sleeps large groups of up to 12 people.

Prices for the more high end self catering accommodations range upwards from 500 Euros per week, while the smaller apartments can be very reasonable in price, from even 40 Euros per night. If planning to bring pets people should enquire first with the owners as some do not allow pets, or even smoking.

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