Houses for Sale in Costa Blanca Spain

Want to buy houses in Costa Blanca, Spain? Read on for facts and info on buying property in Costa Blanca…

Investing in property in the Costa Blanca region of Spain is a very popular choice, especially among those individuals keen on experiencing the laid-back life of the region. Particularly popular is the northern end of the Costa Blanca. A beautiful coastal road travels all the way across the major city of Alicante and leads up to the historical region of Valencia. On the way the road passes through traditional Spanish villages and historical grounds that are still living a very relaxed and toned-down life style.

In terms of the kind of houses that you will be able to find in Costa Blanca, there is enough diversity to suit most requirements. The best sort of accommodation choices are villas or village houses that are set amidst a traditional Spanish village environment.

About Costa Blanca

The coastline of Costa Blanca stretches for more than 170 miles. It is situated towards the east coast of Spain and runs all the way through from Alicante to Valencia in the north. It also touches La Manga in the South. The region receives more than 300 days of sunshine every year, yet the temperature range is extremely comfortable even during the extended summer season. There are plenty of recreational activities that have been developed in the region including scuba diving and golfing facilities.

The most popular place for buying houses in Costa Blanca is without a doubt the city of Alicante. This city has a history that dates further back than 3000 years and offers an excellent shopping experience to its residents. The city also houses a famous holiday resort by the name of Beniform. During the summertime more than 1000+ stores are set up at this resort.

However if you want to purchase a house in one of the more traditional areas of Costa Blanca, you might want to explore the region of Torrevieja. Situated just south of the airport this area is famous for its sandy beaches, golf courses, lively market and a wide variety of wonderful accommodation choices.

Those looking for houses in Costa Blanca that are situated close to a natural environment might want to explore the northern end of the coast. This countryside town and surroundings consist of attractive mountains inland from the beaches. This area is also known as being one of the most fertile regions of Spain and a wide variety of citrus groves and fruits are grown there. The region is also home to some of the highest cave vaults in the country. It is also home to excellent hiking routes and amazing restaurants offering local cuisine.

By investigating the above-mentioned regions of Costa Blanca you will be able to determine what kind of environment you want to buy a house in. This is because some regions of Costa Blanca have been built according to contemporary standards, whereas others are more traditional. Furthermore, you have choices for accommodation inland from the coast as well.

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