American Girl Doll Kit

Looking for American Girl doll kit? Want to know about all the different styles of doll kit available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right doll kit for you…

A wide range of American Girl doll kit can be purchased through an American Girl catalogue which provides the details and price line of all dolls, accessories and clothes. Doll kits are also available from American Girl Places (AGP) stores in the United States. The American Girl website provides the opportunity to purchase doll kits online. The doll body is made from soft cloth and the head and limbs are smooth vinyl. The hair can be combed and styled without damaging the texture.

The American Girl doll kit range consists of historical age dolls representing young girls between the ages of 9 and 10. These dolls are 18” in height and have distinctive names complete with costumes reflecting their period in American history from a child’s perspective. Doll kits include a short book about the doll. The books are targeted for the 7 to 11 year old market. These books introduce the named doll and provide an insight into the historical setting of the doll.

Doll kits can be supplemented with additional clothes and accessories. All dolls come with costumes specific for the historical period they represent and have their own range of clothes available for purchase. Furniture such as beds, chairs and wardrobes for storage provide a more complete ensemble to the American Girl doll sphere. For the more adventurous owners, the American Girl doll tree house or reporter dress and accessories are bound to please!

Accessories for Doll Kit

There are numerous accessories that have been developed and created to make the experience of owning an American Girl doll truly sensational. Party treats with pretend pitcher of lemonade, slices of watermelon and three tier cake combine to make an American Girl doll summer picnic extraordinary. A school lunch box in flower and paisley print with pretend sandwich, chips and frosted cupcake are excellent for the doll to go to pretend school. For tea time, an exquisite pink ceramic tea set featuring decorative tea pot and two cups with saucers are ideal for young girls to entertain their friends to tea with their doll kit.

An American Girl doll kit is the perfect choice for a doll for young girls with their emphasis on American way of life!

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