Pimsleur Spanish Method

Need details on the Pimsleur Spanish Method? Read on to learn more about this unique linguistic technique known as the Pimsleur Spanish Method…

The Pimsleur Spanish Method follows the linguistic learning technique developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur. He was an applied linguist along with being a noted scholar and focused his efforts on developing resources to teach language.

Most of his techniques are evolutionary and have assisted linguists over decades in imparting the right language learning skills.

Dr. Paul Pimsleur has been on the academic board of the Language Laboratory at UCLA along with serving as the professor of education at the State University of New York.

He was concerned with research on how to impart language elements to a new learner in a short period of time. He has made remarkable achievements.

Pimsleur Spanish Method

By using the techniques of the Pimsleur Spanish Method it is easy for learners to pick up the basic, yet essential, elements of the Spanish language or any other language in a brief time frame.

From the first lesson onwards, which is a half an hour class, students are supposed to converse with two other people who are fluent in Spanish.

This means that the speakers have to utilize the everyday language that is spoken by native speakers in their daily lives. The conversation pertains to social as well as business elements.

The developer of this method discovered that since there is a constant input and output evident in this system the learning curve is greatly shortened.

The main reason for this is that the students are getting information and they are required to comprehend it and use it immediately. That means they will be able to not only retain it after comprehending it but be able to retrieve it later on.

The two basic principles incorporated in this method are called the ‘principle of anticipation’ and ‘graduated interval recall’.
Both these principles have been combined into the Pimsleur Spanish Method in order to create a simple yet effective learning technique.

The first principle, which is related to anticipation, asserts that a learner has to anticipate the correct answer. Therefore he must rely on memory to retrieve the answer before getting a confirmation during the lesson.

The second principle incorporates the use of human memory as confirmed by scientific knowledge. The graduated interval recall principle postulates that human memory takes in new information and stores it. However, it needs to be reminded of this information after a few intervals in order for the information to be retained permanently.

The Pimsleur Spanish Method uses cues to introduce new information at graduated intervals based on when the maximum retention will take place.

Finally there is the focus on increasing the basic vocabulary of functional words. These core words make up the basis of any language and it is best to start off with learning these first.

Therefore the learner will be able to utilize these words effectively in their daily lives. The Pimsleur Spanish Method allows learners to use vocabulary, and pronounce words along with learning the grammar in an exciting, easy as well as natural manner.

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