Sightseeing in Madrid

Are you going on holiday to Madrid in Spain? Do you want to know what sights there are to see in Madrid? Here we’ve provided useful information on sightseeing and activities in Madrid.
The Royal Palace in Madrid

Madrid is the capital city of Spain and proudly boasts a vast amount of interesting things to do for all visitors. Whether it’s fashion,food, partying or shopping, Madrid has it all in abundance. Below are just a few of the sightseeing highlights of what Madrid has to offer.

Puerto Del Sol in Madrid

The Puerto Del Sol is the beating heart of Madrid. This square is famous primarily for its clock tower around which crowds of tourists and locals of Madrid congregate to count in the New Year.

For the other 364 days in the year, the Puerto Del Sol is still a pretty good place to grab a drink and relax after doing some sightseeing in Madrid. The buildings around this square in Madrid are replete with café’s, bars and trendy shops selling goods from Spain as well as international merchandise.

Madrid Municipal Museum

Madrid has some of the best museums in Spain. One of these museums is the Madrid Municipal museum is a good option for those wanting to know about the historical development of Madrid without having to physically travel around the city.

This Municipal Museum in Madrid has exhibits including pictures and documents pertaining to the various stages of development of Madrid since the 16th century.

The Royal Palace in Madrid

The royal palace is a huge palace in Madrid that is actually only a fraction of the size it was originally designed to be. The ruling king of Spain commissioned this building to be the largest royal palace in Europe to compete with the royals of France.

This palace in Madrid has nearly 3000 rooms, some of which are open to the public in Madrid to visit today. Inside this palace in Madrid one can see various works of art including statues, paintings and tapestries from Spain and Europe.

The original 18th century chandeliers are still on display to the public at this palace in Madrid. Outside the palace, some of the best gardens in Madrid, featuring several water fountains and carefully attended flower beds can be visited.

Los Austrias in Madrid

The Los Austrias district of Madrid is one of the oldest in the city. As the name would suggest, this district of Madrid is named after the Austrian Hapsburg family who ruled Spain and Madrid for a period of time.

A visit to this district of Madrid provides one with a chance to see some of the oldest architecture in Madrid.

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