Spanish Baby Shower Games

Are you expecting a baby soon or have you already become a proud mom? Are you throwing a baby shower to introduce your baby to friends & family or would you prefer to throw a baby shower in anticipation? Read our guide to baby shower games…

Baby shower is simply a celebration, a celebration of welcoming the new arrival and to proudly present it to friends and family.  Families and friends get together, eat, play and have fun together.

Baby Showers’ History

Baby shower is not a new concept. It has been celebrated for a long time. A few hundred years ago, it was an occasion for family get together and mostly christening of the baby. When the baby reached the age of one month, friends and family got together and brought helpful gifts for the baby and brought food as well to help out the mother.
During the 19thcentury, the Victorian ladies gave it a new form. They started celebrating and throwing tea parties even before the child was born and this practice soon became very common. Even today, many people celebrate baby showers before the birth of a baby while some prefer to celebrate afterwards.

Celebrating baby showers

Generally, the baby showers last from 3-4 hours. Baby showers can be summarized in a few words. Yummy food, fun, gifts and lots and lots of baby talk. People ask the mom about her pregnancy and share their parenting tips and views. Food is eaten informally and finger foods are much preferred. In early days, baby showers were strictly all ladies parties, but nowadays male friends and family members as well as young children are invited.

Baby Showers in Spain

Spain is a country which likes to celebrate all occasions. Singing and dancing and having a lot of fun is typical of Spanish people. They have their own traditions and customs, but baby showers are celebrated more or less the same way. After all, it is a unique way of welcoming a new baby in to the family.
Baby showers in Spain also have a lot of food and gifts along with much gossip. The food is not quite lavish but it is in large quantities and various games are played.

Baby Shower Games in Spain

In Spain, many baby shower games are played to entertain the guests. There are traditional as well as some contemporary ones.

• A traditional game that is played at most baby showers is the game of guessing the circumference of the expectant mother’s belly.
•  Another very common one is guessing how many jelly beans or q-tips are in the already filled baby bottle.
• Pin the pacifier on the baby is another one. The blindfolded guest who pins the pacifier on the baby gets a special gift.
• Baby Bingo or Bingo Del Bebe is a very popular game. This game contains cards having various baby items scrambled on them and the guests have to mark them when the mum-to-be opens the gifts. These days an easily printable version of the game in Spanish is also available at reasonable prices, the average being $6.99.

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