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Interested in the Spanish Immersion Programs in Iowa? Read ahead to learn about the Iowa vacation school that functions for Spanish immersion programs…

The Iowa Institute runs a vacation school as part of the Spanish immersion programs in Iowa. The immersion program is normally conducted in Venezuela and the class size averages from 1 to 6 people. This service can be described as a language schoolThis service falls in the category of language schools and is often known as a vacation language school.

Key Information – Iowa Institute Spanish Immersion Program

Most of the Spanish immersion programs in Iowa Institute are run through January all the way to the end of the year in December. There are 12 courses every year. Each student gets to spend one month with native Spanish speakers to learn the language first hand and start using it in a spoken and written context.

The course level is applicable for every speaker who wants to start off with the Spanish language. Economically priced Spanish immersion programs by Iowa Institute could cost around US$750-US$860 on average for each course.

Background of the Iowa Institute

The Iowa Institute has been credited as part of the British Embassy, the Rotary Foundation’s international study programs as well as different universities and companies sending their students and employees to work in Venezuela.

The Institute offers you a good solid immersion program that allows non-native speakers to learn the official language. This is becoming increasingly essential because the much of business of North and South America as well as Cuba and Panama is conducted in Spanish.

One can feel more at home and better able and equipped to conduct business and social interactions when one has a command of the Spanish language.

Regardless of whether you want to live in a Spanish-speaking country or not you can actually use this vacation school program to further your language skills.

Inclusions in the Spanish Immersion Programs in Iowa Institute

The intent of the program is to impart comprehension skills to people interested in Spanish as a second language or for tourism purposes or for studying the Spanish language for any other reason.

The course outlines include reading, focused listening, writing skills and basic Spanish grammar. However the most important aspect that the course focuses on is conversing in Spanish.

Different classes organize age groups based on their interests and there are special classes for children. There are eight course which run from one week all the way through six months.

An appropriate classroom level is assigned after testing students on written as well as oral components of the Spanish language.  One-on-one instruction is what makes this Spanish immersion program in Iowa Institute such a success.

The enjoyable classroom structure which has 72 hours of learning every month provides you workbooks as well as a conversation partner and two very enjoyable field trips.

Dir. of The Spanish Immersion Program in Iowa Institute

The faculty includes a linguist who has 20 years experience in teaching foreign languages. Cathy Jensen de Sánchez is the owner and director of the Institute. With eight years at the University of Iowa and a Fulbright award under her belt she truly has the experience required to teach non-native Spanish speakers the language.

She is supported by different native Spanish speakers who are experienced in teaching a second language. Each of them have the training required to work and teach second languages as directed by the educational policies set by the government.

The institute also arranges for interesting hikes, mountain biking, camping and fishing excursions for visitors. It’s great fun to live in Venezuela and study at this 180 year old colonial Institute.

When you venture out and order your own salsa and seafood you will be amazed at how easily you can utilize the Spanish language in different contexts.

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