Spanish Linguist Jobs

Looking for Spanish linguist jobs? Discover the different options available when it comes to Spanish linguist jobs across the world…

Spanish linguist jobs are very popularly advertised on the Internet and in the press. The main reason for this is that Spanish is considered the official language of more than 21 countries across the world. Apart from this it is spoken by both natives and non-natives from Spain all the way through Philippines. This is mainly because Spain had colonized much of the world during its period under the Moor’s as well as the time of the Spanish Conquistadores.

High Popularity of Spanish Linguist Jobs

From America to Java you will be able to find many opportunities to work as a Spanish linguist. For example in Maryland and Texas along with Washington DC and Virginia there is a need for Spanish speakers for the clearance departments of many companies.

Other than this, online call centers require Spanish linguists to facilitate their Hispanic clientele who require assistance online. Many jobs are advertised for Spanish linguist instructors especially in Texas. For example Oberon which is a Stanley Company is known to advertise for experienced Spanish linguists who can instruct Marines at the basic level in a military atmosphere. Apart from this the person would need to be fluent in cryptologist linguistics as this is an MOS awarding course.

Different Spanish Linguist Jobs

Spanish linguist jobs are not simply restricted to teaching. There is a wide opportunity across the country for you to work in corporations, as teachers as well as military personnel by using your linguistic skills to the maximum. The biggest advantage comes to those linguists who can speak multiple languages.

This opens a myriad of job opportunities for them which could include that of interpreters, transcribers or Spanish translators.

As transcribers you could work for a medical or technological organization that requires a lot of its documentation to be transcribed into Spanish or translated from Spanish into English.

So it goes both ways and you’ll be responsible for monitoring a variety of documents that come into the company. As a translator you would be translating someone’s Spanish document or speech into English or any other language that is required and that you are fluent in.

Most Spanish linguist jobs are offered to native Spanish speakers because they have the best command on their own language. However, if you are not a native Spanish speaker do not be overly worried about getting jobs. You could work as an interpreter for someone who wants to communicate in another language that you have a command of and communicate or interpret with a Spaniard.

From software development to transcription of source material, you can even get a position as a consultant as well as a contractor in different companies based on your fluency in Spanish.

Even though you might not be completely well-versed with a job itself you could work as an on-site interpreter on a construction site in a foreign country. For example if you are a native German speaker and work on an oil-rig off the Iberian Peninsula coast, your main job might be to function as an interpreter between your German team and the Spanish natives on the oil rig. In that case you can actually use your basic native language along with an acquired language to obtain a job as a Spanish linguist.

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