Wood Look Spanish Floor Tiles

Want to buy wood look Spanish floor tiles? Read ahead to find out why the Spanish floor tile which looks like wood is becoming popular…

If you want to redo the floor tiles in your living room or hallway or even the porch then a good option is to look for wood look Spanish floor tiles.

These are essentially ceramic rustic glazed tiles which have a woody finish because of the grain. They replicate the look of wood while being made of ceramic and porcelain.
You can find a large number of wood look Spanish floor tiles in different wood grains. These are available in the form of small slabs as well as large planks and can be purchased in the size that fits your requirements.

Most of them are available at ceramic tile distributors or tile shops. A third option is to order online after checking different suppliers and have the goods dropped off at your house.

Spanish manufacturers are known for making very realistic looking wood look Spanish floor tiles hence their popularity. It is best to look at Spanish origin tiles for a long-lasting and durable yet beautifully crafted product.

It’s good to remember that when you install wood look Spanish floor tiles make sure that the grout is a darker color. Normally ceramic tile turns out to be darker than the grout.
Also if you choose a design with deep and different colors running through it then this type of wood look Spanish floor tile will be able to cover up any scratches that show up over a period of time due to wear and tear. Although wood look Spanish floor tiles are quite expensive, they are very durable and maintenance is minimal.

Different Options for Wood Look Spanish Floor Tiles

You can choose ceramic floor tiles with a rustic glaze for the finish along with getting the wood grain type wood look Spanish floor tiles.

These can be utilized in the kitchen, porch or any other room of the house, including hallways. Normally available in colors that replicate Cherry, White Oak and Walnut it is interesting to note that the wood look Spanish floor tiles will look like real wooden floors from a distance.

Available in different sizes according to your requirement the tiles range is size from 300×300, 400x400m, 500×500 to large planks of 600×900. It is rare to find odd sizes and you will be hard-pressed to find a supplier who keeps odd sized tiles in stock.

Packaging is normally carton packaging with stuffing in the middle to prevent scratches and breakage. Features and detailing on good-quality wood look Spanish floor tiles make them look like wood, but they’re actually better than natural wood in terms of maintenance and durability.

These high quality wood look Spanish floor tiles are crafted out of ceramics as well as porcelain. Advanced technology uses different materials to create the wooden grain that resembles the natural wood vein.

The product is further finished off using vitrified tile glazing techniques which allows for use on both floors and walls to decorate a home with a neat finish. They are ideal for places where one requires the elegant look of wood flooring but needs a durable ceramic tile.

From Red Oak to Cedar Wood and Cherry to Walnut you can find a plethora of colors to suit your requirements. Furthermore you can utilize these tiles in hallways, basements, dens as well as porches.


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