Natural Swedish Cosmetics

Natural Swedish cosmetics are packed with health and quality from natural herbs and ingredients prevalent in Sweden that is popular for its pristine expanses of nature. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Natural cosmetics are primarily made from plant products obtained from nature and are also widely known as herbal cosmetics. History reveals that herbal cosmetics were predominant in ancient days as people of those days harnessed the benefits of natural products for medicines and cosmetics. They are basically time-tested products with a wide range of benefits and without side effects or harmful effects.

Ingredients used in natural Swedish cosmetics

The rich and pristine beauty of Sweden’s wild forests, pure waters and the favorable climatic conditions allow a flourishing industry for natural cosmetics. Organic herb extracts, organic waxes and oil extracts from barks are widely used along with plant leaves, seeds and fruits. Fruit orchards in Sweden offer cucumbers, apricots and peaches which are excellent for face packs. Coconut oil and almond oil serve as massage oils for both skin and hair. Besides, essential oils extracted from rare herbs are used in making exotic perfumes. Mineral products, such as honey, and even mud is used in several items.

Benefits of natural Swedish cosmetics

Chemical-based cosmetics cause frequent infections, rashes and allergies, and consequently, consumers are turning to harmless herbal items.  Natural Swedish cosmetics are suitable even for sensitive skin types, serving as astringents, toners, sun screens, exfoliating agents and moisturizers. Skin requires good care as it could be a channel for toxins to enter the blood stream. Massage oils render a healthy glow to one’s skin as well as hair and eliminate pimples, dandruff and other similar problems.  Apart from providing a cosmetic effect, these natural products serve to cure many disorders of the skin and hair.

Toxic effects of nano-particles, lead, petrochemicals and artificial fragrances are completely eliminated in these natural cosmetics. Natural fragrance is imparted directly from the natural ingredients used in them.

Wide range of Swedish natural cosmetics

A variety of natural alternatives are available for every day cosmetics. Creams and lotions for cleansing, toning and moisturizing are available as herbal products. Face masks, face packs, shampoos, soaps, conditioners, hair gels, lip balms, sun screen bases and hair packs are all available with natural ingredients. Besides, makeup items are also offered.

Natural cosmetics of Sweden apply beneficial properties of herbs and plants influenced by seasonal variations to help the skin survive the country’s dark and rough winters. Therapeutic properties of herbs and natural extracts are uniquely imparted in these cosmetics. Oriflame is a company renowned for its natural Swedish cosmetics.

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