Zurich Museums Switzerland

Visiting Zurich in Switzerland for business or a holiday? Want to know what museums Zurich has to offer? Here we’ve given you a summary of the best museums to visit in Zurich.

The Johan Jacobs Museum in Zurich

The Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich is a museum that should definitely be visited by coffee lovers. This museum in Zurich is dedicated to the history of coffee and coffee production and features exhibits on how coffee has been grown, produced and exported throughout the ages.

The James Joyce Foundation

The James Joyce foundation in Zurich is dedicated to the life and works of the famous Irish poet and writer who died in 1941. James Joyce lived in Zurich during World War One and it was in Zurich that he wrote his most famous novel Ulysses. The James Joyce foundation is open to the public daily and exhibits include photographs, books and other literary works concerning the author and the time he spent living in Zurich Switzerland.

The Swiss National Museum in Zurich

The Swiss National Museum is the largest museum in Zurich and probably Switzerland. The museum houses a vast collection of exhibits pertaining to the history of Switzerland in general, and Zurich in particular. Many exhibits in the museum are religiously themed portraying the strong Christian history of Switzerland. There is also an interesting display of various Swiss national costumes worn by the people of Switzerland at various periods in its history. The Swiss National Museum is open daily between the hours of 10:30am-5pm and entrance costs 5 Swiss Francs. The History Museum in Basel is another good place to visit for exhibits pertaining to the history of Switzerland.

The Museum Rietberg in Zurich

The Museum Reitberg in Zurich specialises in the history of non-European cultures. Exhibits on display in this museum come from Africa, Arabia, Persia, India and the Far East including China. There are fascinating displays of medieval Islamic arts and crafts as well as Indian paintings and Chinese ceramics at this museum. The Museum Reitberg in Zurich is open to the public daily from 10am-5pm and admission costs 6 Swiss Francs.

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