American Bald Eagle Symbol

Interested in the American Bald Eagle? Find out about this native bird of the United States of America…

The bald eagle is one of the most prominent symbols of the United States. This large predator bird is truly all American as the only place where it is found in the world is North America. The popular bird can be seen soaring the skies all over the continent reaching the tips of Alaska and Canada all the way from Northern Mexico.

Under the Endangered Species Act the American Bald Eagle has been registered as an endangered species. In 43 of the lower 48 states the bird is counted as an endangered species whereas in other states like Minnesota, Michigan and Oregon it is believed to be threatened. Recent years have however seen a remarkable improvement in the productivity of the American bald eagle.

American bald eagle characteristics

In general a typical male bald eagle can measure up to three feet from its head to tail. The average weight of the male is between 7 to 109 pounds. The bird of prey has an impressive wing span of about six and a half feet. Female bald eagles tend to be larger in size as compared to the males. They can weigh as much as up to fourteen pounds on average. The wingspan for female bald eagles can reach up to eight feet.

The American bald eagle gains its character from its large pale eyes that give it super vision to home in on its target from way up in the skies. The powerful yellow beak is another identity forming element in the American bald eagle. The bird is also geared up with two powerful black talons. Once the bird crosses the age of four it develops the distinctive white head and tail that is commonly seen on flags and posters of the American bald eagle.

The birds have an average life expectancy of thirty years or more in the wild. They tend to live for longer in captivity. The American bald eagle is loyal to its mate as once they mate, they mate for life. They are known for building huge nests that are usually to be found high up in the trees posted near some sort of a water body.

The bald eagle nest is known for its superior construction as the pair makes use of the nest year after year. Annually the birds make additions to the nest in order to fortify it. American bald eagle nests can actually be as big as ten feet across and can weigh in almost as much as two thousand pounds. Usually bald eagles like to remain at least within a hundred mile range of where they were born and raised.

American bald eagles are slow to reproduce. They lay only two to three eggs in the entire year. The eggs take around 35 days to hatch. It takes the young eagles just three months to be flying and by the fourth month they are good enough to go on their own. American bald eagles are vulnerable to diseases and bad weather. Such foreign elements as well as human interference only let half the numbers of eagles born in a year survive.

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