American Eagle Sandals

Interested in buying American Eagle Sandals? Explore the brilliant variety of sandals developed by American Eagle…

American Eagle has developed a collection of exquisite sandals that make for ideal comfort casual wear. On the other hand they have some designs that can be worn to the fanciest of events. The versatility and style of American Eagle sandals has contributed to their popularity.

Some of the most popular American Eagle Sandals are as follows:

American Eagle Woven Gladiator Sandals

This is one of the latest arrivals in the collection of impressive sandals by American Eagle. The pair is perfect for accentuating your feet with its trendy gladiator look. The sandals feature a woven T-Strap that provides for comfort and style at the same time.

A double loop ankle strap keeps the sandal secure whereas cut out ankle straps can be used to adjust the tightness of the sandals. The sandals feature a clasp closure. A soft padded footbed makes them extremely comfortable to wear whereas the textured bottom provides for additional grip. These sandals are available in the market for $29.50 in the market.

American Eagle Fringe Sandals

Bring a sense of freshness in your life with the bright colors and attractive fringe straps of these sandals. The sandals feature an open toe T strap which is incredibly stylish. The soft padding ensures you get maximum comfort whereas the textured bottom provides an excellent grip. The sandal has a Velcro and clasp closure which makes sure the sandal stays on your feet. This special sandal is being sold in the market for $29.50.

American Eagle Gem Sandals

This new arrival by American Eagle is a true gem of a sandal. The sandal has a fresh early morning walk on the beach look with its suede leather straps and coral beading on the straps. Treaded bottoms and soft padded footbeds have been incorporated into the design of this special sandal for enhanced performance. This brand new addition to the American Eagle sandal collection is being sold in the market for $29.50. It is available in interesting colors such as turquoise.

American Eagle Stud Sandal

Studded with shiny silver detailing this sandal is set to glimmer and give off a brilliant appearance. Soft leather straps make for comfortable wear which is further accentuated with a padded leather footbed. The foot features reinforced stitching and rubber treaded bottoms. This unique sandal from American Eagle is being offered at an affordable price for $29.50 only.

American Eagle Sunrise Sandal

This impressive sandal from American Eagle screams out freshness in style. The sandals feature a leather upper with a soft faux leather footbed. A sun cutout pattern adorns the sandals which is nicely complimented by silver metal studs. A slip proof sole with reinforced stitching on the foot gives the wearer stability. This particular sandal is available in a host of metallic colors making them stand out from the rest.

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