American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns

Looking for American Girl doll clothes patterns? Want to know about all the different styles of doll clothes patterns available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right patterns for you…

American Girl doll clothes patterns exhibit an astounding range of patterns that are included in sewing pattern books. The doll clothes patterns are specifically designed for American Girl dolls with a standard height of 18”. Outfit patterns come with tissue paper pattern pieces that are included in sewing pattern books within envelopes glued in the back cover. Pattern pieces are full sized and when tailored will fit any American Girl doll.

Doll clothes patterns are also available as individual sewing patterns. Special doll dresses with lace trimmings for soft fabrics can be sewn using the patterns that come with clear and detailed instructions. Pattern pieces facilitate the sewing process and ensure that your doll clothes are made in the exact size and measurements. Lace insertion and smocking are singularly excellent heirloom sewing techniques that you can easily learn with the dolls clothes patterns for American Girl dolls.

Doll clothes patterns that are historical and from the 19th century are popular designs for American Girl dolls. These clothes have trimmings that sparkle and shimmer, traits in doll clothes that are fondly desired by young owners of American Girl dolls. Princess and Oriental patterns are among the more favored clothes that are sure to fascinate every little girl with an American Girl doll!

Contemporary Doll Clothes Patterns

Doll owners these days seem to like clothes worn by middle school students. Young owners of American Girl dolls have a tendency to play pretend and imagine that they are older than they really are. Chic summer outfits of long pants and pretty blouse with puff sleeves are a favorite as this design is trendy and stylish. Spring coat and dress patterns feature dresses with ruffles and pleats contrasted by collars with small tucks. Decorative buttons and lace trimmings bring an added touch of beauty to these outfits. Jackets and khaki pants are further additions that are simple to create from doll clothes patterns.

If you’re keen on sewing a lovely dress for daughter’s doll, American Girl doll clothes patterns are easy to sew with tissue paper patterns from sewing books. The completed ensemble will be all the more special for your young owner of an American Doll because your gift has been hand made.

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