Flea Markets Northern California

Visiting flea markets in Northern California? Learn more about the Northern California flea markets and amazing products to purchase…

Northern California hosts a number of flea markets for you to browse in. From regular groceries to collectibles and antiques, it is possible to get a myriad of products at a bargain. The flea markets in Northern California are more of a lifestyle than a shopping outlet. People have an entire day’s plan along with a picnic. Alternatively, you can choose from the food stalls or product stalls to visit.

Popular Flea Markets in Northern California

Jolly Giant Flea Market

One of the most popular flea markets is the Jolly Giant Flea Market in Anderson. It is open on Saturdays and Sundays as early as 6 AM. You will have to pay admission fees of $.50 and there is free parking available. From antiques and collectibles to new and used products you can find a selection of goods from 150 dealers.

The Antioch Fairgrounds Flea Market

The Antioch Fairgrounds Flea Market is open on Friday and Sunday. Established on the corner of 10th & `L’ Streets, it has more than 300 dealers for crafts and tools along with different merchandise. The snack bars and stalls require a lot of walking and you can even hire your own store there.

The Arlington Van Buren Cinema Swap Meet

The Arlington Van Buren Cinema Swap Meet is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Located at 3035 Van Buren Blvd, the flea market in Northern California opens as early as 8 AM. There is an admission charge but parking is free. This outdoor market has collectible items, new merchandise and regular home items along with produce. It is fully equipped with snack bars and rest rooms.

The Big Red Barn Flea Market in Aromas

The Big Red Barn Flea Market in Aromas located just 17 miles to the North of Salinas and 17 miles South of Gilroy. It opens at 7am and offers free admission, but charges for parking. Considered one of the leading indoor and outdoor markets for new merchandise, collectibles and antiques, this market offers 300 dealers to choose from.

Azusa Swap Meet

In the Azusa Swap Meet located at the Foothill Drive-In theater you can find ample car parking. This early-morning market opens up at 5 AM and offers an excellent outdoor market to browse. With around 500 dealers you can find seriously discounted new merchandise. It has everything that is available in the United States but at a discounted price. Considered one of the better markets in the San Gabriel area, you can find amazing snack bars and convenient restrooms.

South Union Swap Meet

The Bakersfield Flea Market is open on Saturday and Sunday and is known as the South Union Swap Meet. With 300 dealers you can find jewelry, crafts products, new merchandise and used merchandise along with regional produce. Another popular flea market in Bakersfield is the Bakersfield Fairgrounds Swap Meet. It is located at the fairgrounds and is open on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 AM. This outdoor market has 300+ dealers and one can find tools, used and new merchandise along with produce.

The Berkeley Flea Market

The Berkeley Flea Market is strategically located on the corner of Martin Luther King Way and Ashby. You can use the BART Station parking lot for the market, which opens at 7 AM. It is a large outdoor market for antiques and curios along with collectible items. This is the location for cool folks to shop at. At Canoga Park you can indulge in the Valley Indoor Swap Meet from Friday through Sunday from 8 a.m. onwards.

Ceres Flea Market

The beautiful area of the Ceres Flea Market is located at 1651 E. Whitmore Ave. just off Highway 99. You can enjoy general flea market merchandise sale from 300 dealers. Sunday’s would be charged for parking but Saturday’s are free. The outdoor market offers some covered spaces. It is known for the sporting goods that people prefer to purchase from there.

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