Hotels In Lake Arrowhead California

Are you looking for some hotels in Lake Arrowhead, California to book for your vacation? Do you want to know more about the different alternatives to choose from for hotels in Lake Arrowhead, California? Read through our guide to get all the inform

Lake Arrowhead is located within the majestic mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest.  It is no wonder, then, that Lake Arrowhead is considered as the “Alps of Southern California.”  Since it opened to the public in the 1900s, this resort paradise has featured a variety of different outdoor activities and day trips all year round.  Travelers visiting the region are treated to the peacefulness of the natural setting as well as the stunning scenery and wildlife, allowing them to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hotels In Lake Arrowhead, California

Taking their cue from the majestic natural sceneries, many of the hotels in Lake Arrowhead, California are luxurious, yet cozy at the same time.  Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa is one of the most popular hotels in Lake Arrowhead, California. Guests can choose from a king-size bed room or a double room which comes with two queen size beds.  Throughout their entire stay, guests are treated in luxury as each of the rooms here comes with a walk-in shower and bath, flat panel LCD television with satellite and cable channels, complimentary high-speed internet access, a well-stocked pantry, a private balcony and patio, room service, free domestic and toll-free calls and the hotel even allows you to bring your pets along with you.  There is also an in-house spa, hair salon and gym that you can visit.  All this luxury comes with a price, though.  Hotel rates here start at $159/night, but it is definitely worth every single penny.

Budget-Friendly Hotels

There are numerous hotels and other accommodations that are more budget-friendly.  However, these are located quite a distance away from Lake Arrowhead itself. While this may be the case, these hotels are a great alternative to the more luxurious hotels in Lake Arrowhead, California because apart from Lake Arrowhead, you have the ability to visit a variety of different attractions situated near these low-budget hotels.  A highly recommended hotel for those traveling on a budget is the San Bernardino Days Inn Riverside.  Located within the nearby city of San Bernardino, the hotel is located near the San Bernadino Golf Club and the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino. Hotel rooms here start at $46/night. Guests are provided complimentary cable television in their rooms with premium movie channels, microwave ovens, refrigerators, free high-speed internet access and complimentary parking. There is also an on-site restaurant in the hotel where you can sample some of the best dishes on this side of the state.

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