La Quinta California Real Estate Homes For Sale

Are you thinking about moving to La Quinta, California? Do you want to know about real estate in this city? If the answer is yes then read our guide for more information…

La Quinta, California offers some very prime real estate in the area. You will find homes in many price ranges and sizes. Whether you are looking for a one bedroom one bath home or one that has six bedrooms and six bathrooms there are homes on the market in the area that fit your needs.

Life in La Quinta is the California dream. This city has around two hundred and eighty days of sunshine and nice weather each year, and warm temperatures that make it paradise. It is known as a resort city, and offers many local attractions which make real estate here a great idea.

La Quinta Real Estate Statistics

The population of La Quint is around forty three thousand people, which is small for a city in California. The population growth though is around seventy five percent because of the influx of people, which is causing the city to grow some.

This population growth in La Quinta has helped real estate values in the area stay fairly stable, unlike other areas of California, and the economic troubles facing the nation recently have not had as much of an impact here. Home prices did go down some, but did not drop substantially.

Available Homes For Sale

Las Quinta offers plenty of available homes, but some can be on the steep end of the price range because of the draw that the city has experienced as well as everything that the area has to offer. Real estate in this area can run into several million dollars, but this does not have to be the case. There are foreclosure properties in this part of California which can be purchased for as little as two hundred thousand dollars, sometimes even less.

Some of the local real estate in La Quinta, just like in many other areas in California, is owned by part time residents. These residents usually stay in California for the winter and then go back north during the summer, and are affectionately termed snowbirds. This means that the winter population is usually larger than the summer population.

La Quinta Local Attractions

Golf is a big part of the attractions in La Quinta, California, and one of the biggest reasons that the city is known as a resort location. There are over twenty golf courses in the city, but that is not all this location has to offer. There are plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, and other things to enjoy here as well. The Santa Rosa Mountains provide a scenic city backdrop, and are spectacular to view.

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