Mesquite is a Quick Trip From Vegas That’s Worth the Drive

If you are looking to get out of Vegas for the weekend, there are several fun destinations you can go that won’t take long to get to.
Mesquite from Las Vegas

California is close, and so is Utah. Disneyland and the beach in California are fun for family trips, and the national parks and scenic mountains in Utah are an adventure to explore. If, however, you are looking for a trip that will give you the Vegas experience without being in Las Vegas, one of the best trips that won’t require a flight or lengthy car ride is a trip to Mesquite, Nevada.

Mesquite is just a few miles from the border of southern Utah, and an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. It has long been a spot where Las Vegans have gathered to get out of the city and enjoy a relaxing setting.

The Journey to Mesquite from Las Vegas

The drive to Mesquite is mostly brown desert, but you won’t be looking at it long. The traffic at the beginning of a weekend isn’t bad because most people are heading into Las Vegas and not away from it. As long as you come back in the afternoon on Sunday, you shouldn’t have any traffic problems. On Sunday, people are heading away from Las Vegas and not to it, so you’ll be safe going back.

What to Expect from Hotel Accommodations

The prices for a hotel stay in Mesquite are usually much less than Las Vegas. On a weekday, you can expect to pay less than fifty dollars a night at most hotels. The resorts in Mesquite aren’t as large as the ones in Las Vegas, but they are really nice. Most of the hotels have large casinos, and they have the same options you’ll find in Las Vegas. The only difference is that it won’t be as crowded  and you’ll find tables with lower minimum bets. If blackjack is your game, you will find it much cheaper to play in Mesquite than you would in a large hotel in Las Vegas.

What Parking is Like at a Mesquite Resort

It’s easy to access your hotel. There are large parking areas right in front of all of the hotels in the city. You won’t have to navigate busy streets and try and discern which parking garage belongs to your hotel like you would on Las Vegas Boulevard. The parking accommodations are free with all of the resort hotels in Mesquite.

What the Restaurant Scene is Like

There are several chain restaurants sprinkled about the city, and many of them are close to the major resorts. Beyond that, you will find world-class buffets in Mesquite, and they are really cheap. The best all-you-can-eat buffets in Nevada are right in this small resort town, and you will find yourself going back again and again to your favorite buffet. You will find the finest cuisine in Chinese food, seafood, American, and much, much more at the best resorts in the area.

Things to Spend Your Time and Money On in Mesquite

You’ll probably spend a lot of time eating the delicious, inexpensive food, but once your full, you may want to find some other fun things to do. Mesquite has professional golf courses, and some of the resorts offer discount prices and even free passes to these world-renown courses to their guests. You can get a package deal for golfing and spa treatments with your hotel stay. Simply ask the person booking your reservations for the best package deals at the hotel. Always ask for any promotional deals going on because Mesquite resorts often have some promotion they are offering that involves discounts for golf, gambling, and spa experiences. Aside from golf, gambling, and spa fun, you’ll also want to check out the following activities in Mesquite:

Concerts: Big name bands from decades past and hot acts from today are frequenting the stages of Mesquite every month. You can enjoy one of your favorite bands while you are on vacation.

  •  Comedians:  Like Las Vegas, the biggest names in comedy are performing in Mesquite. You can usually find a hot comedic act to see on the weekend;
  •  Horses: Enjoy the open space of Mesquite and take a guided tour of the area on horseback;
  •  Swimming: All of the major resorts of nice pools and hot tubs for enjoying a warm day outside.

Earn Rewards Towards Future Trips

Las Vegas is known for its rewards’ programs, and Mesquite has similar programs you can participate in. If you are going to be doing gambling and many of the other activities in your resort, you will want to sign up for a rewards card at your resort. This will allow you to accumulate points that will give you benefits towards future trips.

Close Destinations You Can Travel to from Mesquite

Laughlin, Nevada isn’t too far from Las Vegas or Mesquite, and it is similar to Mesquite in that it’s a small resort town with gaming. If you are looking for relaxing settings and beautiful scenery, traveling another hour from Mesquite to Utah will land you in some of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Zion National Park is a must see if you are in southern Utah. It has some of the most stunning formations, cliffs, and mountains in the world. There are several other hiking, biking, and scenic spots near the St. George, Utah area that are a quick drive from Mesquite.

There are a lot of places you can travel to in Nevada, but few of those places will offer you almost all of the same fun things you will find right in Las Vegas. Mesquite has great gaming, excellent spas, and all of the fun you can find in a large city.

It’s a great area to decompress, whether you are traveling alone, with a few friends, or with family members. There are many things to do for people traveling to the area with kids. Best of all, Mesquite is a place you can travel to without much expense. If you’ve never been to this small part of Nevada, this next weekend might be the best time to try it out.

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