Native American Indians Trousers

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The Native Americans had a very strong cultural set up. This, along with their religious beliefs and environment had a profound effect on how they used to dress. Since they lived in diverse geographical regions ranging from tropical gardens to desert lands and the mountainous regions to the woodlands you would find great variance in their attire. However trousers were an element of Native American dressing that was constant irrespective of where they lived.

The kind of trousers worn by the Native Americans varied according to the natural surrounding environment and climate as well as the local customs. In some tribes, for example the tribes of California the men would practically roam around naked and the women would sport a small skirt around their waists.

It was in the cooler regions that the concept of trousers developed. Loincloths, breechclouts, tunic shirts, skirts, dressers and leggings were all developed in the plains. Warm trousers were however a creation of the Native American Indians of the colder regions.

Irrespective of the natural differences in the kind of trousers worn by the various tribes and Native Americans of various regions they all had one thing in common. This was the love of nature. This love can be seen reflected in the use of all natural materials that were used for making Native American Indian trousers.

Popular Native American Trousers

The most popular kind of Native American trousers were developed in Mississippi. Known as Ohala foka these trousers were more like slacks. In general the males would wear black trousers in the region. However with the passage of time different colors were introduced. The Wilson’s Oklahoma troupe for example would sport all white slacks in their shows. Others would have stripes of appliqué towards the outer side of the trouser legs. Often times the Native Americans would wear a shirt of the same color as the trousers. One of the distinctive characteristics of Native American Indian trousers was the use of tassels that would hang down the sides of the pants.

In some of the areas however it was too hot to be wearing these kinds of trousers. Men and women in such areas developed leggings as a much cooler alternative. The kind of leggings developed by the Native Americans of these regions were either snug or loose fitting and were made using animal hide. The leggings would be worn on each leg individually unlike the leggings that we see today.

For the men the leggings would cover the entire leg from the waist or thigh down to the ankles. They would have a belt around the waist to which these leggings would be tied. Alternatively they would also make use of a sash that could be wrapped around the waist. They would even tie the leggings at the knee in some cases. Basically these leggings were shaped like crotchless pants. The most commonly used materials used for this purpose were loincloths and breechclouts. Women had similar leggings that they would wear under their skirts.

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