Native American Tribal Art

Want to learn more about Native American tribal art? Find out about the art traditions and cultures practiced by different Native American tribes…

Tribal culture defined the Native American lifestyle. Native Americans were spread across North America in the form of tribes each having its own chief and governance. Each tribe also had its own distinctive arts and crafts practices.

Over the years Native American tribal art has attracted a lot of public attention. Some tribes have gained more recognition for their art work than others. Some of the most popular Native American tribal art work is as follows:

Navajo Tribal Art

The Navajo people are regarded as being the pioneers of Native American art. They are particularly renowned for their rugs and unique silversmithing techniques. They were also pioneers when it came to basketry and are recognized the world over for their basket weaving skills.

Navajo tribal art is not only impressive in terms of its aesthetic value but it also has great spiritual significance. Many of the Navajo art lovers today are however not aware of the historical and cultural significance of Navajo tribal art. This also means many people are not aware of the qualities a certain work of art must have in order to be considered authentic Navajo tribal art.

Amongst the unique items for which the Navajo people are revered for are squash blossom necklaces. These were uniquely carved out of silver and are regarded as being the most traditional jewelry items from the Navajo people.

Concho belts are another important creation that came about at the hands of the Navajo people. These belts were worn my men and women alike. There were Concho belts for everyday use and special belts to be worn in ceremonies.

Hopi Tribal Art

The Hopi tribe is renowned for its amazing work in pottery. They made many different articles out of pottery including utensils for cooking and storage. Then there were special pottery items developed for religious purposes. The pottery would be adorned with many different symbols and graphics that would actually be telling an entire story.

They would bury the clay in moist sand for a long period of time often up to two moons. This would cause some of the elements in the clay to rot. As a result the pottery of the Hopi tribe became superior in terms of quality as compared to the pottery of other regions.

Zuni Tribal Art

Many different and unique works of art have originated from this tribe. They were masters of pottery which they would polish exceptionally well and trade across the region. However they were also very creative when it came to basketry as well as clothing in general.

Zuni jewelry is also highly lauded due to its aesthetic brilliance. Fetish carvings and necklaces from this tribe stand out in particular. These items were used in ritual ceremonies as well as traded. Zuni people were highly skilled silver smiths as well which has got Zuni tribal jewelry world wide recognition in modern times.

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