New York Surgical Malpractice Lawyers

Have you suffered from surgical malpractice in New York City? Are you looking for a surgical malpractice lawyer? Then read our guide for tips on finding the best surgical malpractice attorney for you…

Even with ever-increasing improvements in medical and surgical treatments surgical errors can still occur with devastating results. Lack of proper sterilization, wrong-site operations, poor pre-operative planning and simple surgeon negligence are just a few of the causes. Surgeons are perfectly capable of making mistakes in any types of surgery, whether it be LASIK eye surgery, heart bypass, hip replacement or a routine appendectomy or gall bladder removal.

Act As Quickly As You Can

A post-operative state of mind or body may cloud your judgment regarding your surgery. If you have even a slight suspicion that your surgeon performed his or her duties improperly you should contact a surgical malpractice attorney at your absolutely earliest convenience. The old adage “He who hesitates is lost” applies in this situation most assuredly. The longer you wait to consult legal advice the less likely it becomes that a just and reasonable settlement of your case can be achieved. It also become ever-increasingly difficult to ascertain the cause of your injury or acute discomfort the longer you endure that suffering or discomfort before seeking any kind of help or legal redress.

Choose Experience

Only an experienced surgical malpractice attorney can brief you, at your initial consultation, concerning the standards that are required to prove surgical malpractice in a courtroom in the State of New York. Ideally they should be both well-known within the local court system and have a good knowledge of that system and its participating parties as well.

Your surgical malpractice attorney should be able to confront the doctor who harmed you with expert medical knowledge gained either from litigating this type of case or from the professional contacts with experts who will support your action.

Expect Adequate Preparation

Any surgical malpractice attorney that you contract with should make it plain to you and to all other interested parties that they are willing to take your case into a court of law and win your case in that court of law based on careful preparation and substantial experience in court. This also serves to put doctors and insurance people on notice that a settlement out of court, before a trial commences may be their very best option. No one likes to lose–especially you.

Conversely you should seek a surgical malpractice lawyer who always puts the needs and interests of their clients first. If you suspect that the only reason your case will end up in court is to add another notch to a hotshot lawyer’s victory belt you should seek another option. Sometimes it is in your best interests to settle early, before court commences.

Speaking of preparation– your surgical malpractice attorney should be willing to meet with you for an initial consultation that thoroughly assesses the nature of your injuries due to malpractice. A five minute tour of the facilities is not enough, regardless of how impressive the office might be. Any initial consultation should be absolutely free. Most reputable surgical malpractice lawyers will not charge you anything until they win a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

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