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Looking for homes for sale in Salinas, California? Read our guide for facts and info on Salinas, California homes for sale…

The region of Salinas, California stands as the county seat of Monterey County, and is also the largest municipality in California. Located about ten miles southeast of the Salinas River, this community of neighborhoods offers a wide variety of housing options for those looking for homes for sale in Salinas, California.
One can clearly see Victorian and historic Spanish influence in the architecture of the local housing schemes developed in the region. Renters and homebuyers will enjoy the housing assortment offered by Salinas comprising of modest cottages to the most modern of town houses and fascinating ultra-spacious “rancheros” located in the country side.

The entire region is dotted with magnificent oak trees that create a unique natural environment. An extensive range of new housing developments have also been initiated in order to attract more people to the region. These include an attractive and imaginative array of tract homes and condominiums, as well as ultramodern homes constructed in well-established neighborhoods.

One of the major factors that contributes to the value of real estate in Salinas is the fact that newcomers and old settlers will be able to find exactly the kind of neighborhood they prefer to live in the region. Similarly you will be able to find exactly the kind of accommodation you require, ranging from large houses catering to growing families and small quarters for individuals looking to retire.

According to the latest statistics there are about 40,000 housing units Salinas, California. About 20,000 of these are family residences providing a humble accommodation for small families. These are the most affordable options you will be able to find in the region. There are about 3000 attached family residences in closely knit neighborhoods providing a conventional living environment. You will also be able to find about 3000 two and four unit multifamily complexes in various neighborhoods of Salinas.

In recent years a large number of apartment units and mobile homes have also sprung up, further broadening the scope of accommodation in the region. The total number for units is now close to 11,000 as there are about 1300 mobile homes across the territory.

If you are looking to acquire residential property in Salinas either for investment or living then it is important to know the residential vacancy rate. It is estimated that the residential vacancy rate is 3 1/2% at all times during the year.

The residential vacancy rate is approximately 3½% at any time during the year. The average rental rate for a two bedroom apartment with one bath is about $750 per month. According to latest statistics, the median home price was $268,000 and the percentage of home ownership was going up to 43%.

The above-mentioned information will put you in a better position when looking to make a decision of investing in real estate in Salinas, California.

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