Popular Sports in Spain

Are you going to Spain on holiday? Want to know what sports people in Spain like to play and watch? Read our guide to the most popular sports in Spain

Football in Spain

Football is by far the most popular team sport in Spain. Spain boasts some of the biggest and best sporting football clubs in Europe. The sports season for football in Spain starts in September and runs through until the middle or end of May. Every week more than 300,000 people in Spain flock to the countries dozens of sports stadiums to watch Spanish football league games. Millions of people in Spain love to watch this sport on television. A trip to a sports stadium in Spain to watch a football match is a worthwhile experience even if you’re not a sports fan because the atmosphere is so passionate and electrifying. This is especially so when two major rival sporting clubs meet such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Football league matches in Spain occur on the weekends, while several European and cup matches take place in Spain mid-week. Tickets to watch this sport vary depending on which clubs are playing, although you can expect to pay between 15-30 Euros for a ticket at a major league sports stadium.

Basketball in Spain

The basketball sports season in Spain starts in September and ends in June. There are 18 basketball teams in the Spanish national league, many of which are tied to the same sporting clubs with big names in the sport of football such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Individual Sports in Spain

Golf, tennis and cycling are all sports of growing popularity in Spain. This is due partly to recent Spanish successes in each of these sports in recent years. Spain hosts its own annual national competition which lasts three weeks and involves cycling routes that span the length and breadth of Spain. Spain have contributed some excellent male and female players to the sport of tennis in recent years, winning several international sporting competitions and encouraging young people in Spain to take up the sport.

Motor Sports in Spain

The most famous motor sport in Spain is formula one which is staged annually at a track near Barcelona. Tickets to watch the sport are expensive and can cost between 250-350 Euros. To get cheaper tickets for this motor sport in Spain one should book well in advance of the day.

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