Travel Safety in Florida

Ensuring that you are safe whilst travelling is essential during any vacation.

The following travel safety trips are not limited to Florida. They are relevant to any large tourist destination.  As such is essential that when taking a vacation anywhere, you carry out basic travel safety precautions to ensure that your vacation is enjoyable.

Although the following travel safety tips are not limited to Florida, they have been compiled on the back of more specific safety issues which are particular to Florida.

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number One:

Try to always travel with a companion whilst in Florida, particularly if you are travelling at night and regardless of whether you are male of female.  If you do not travel with a companion, then ensure that someone knows where you are going to be if you venture out alone.

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number Two:

If travelling by public transport in Florida, then ensure that you sit as near to the driver as possible and when alighting, request help from the nearest populated vicinity if you believe that you are being followed.

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number Three:

Always keep your money and other valuables hidden – don’t advertise your possessions to potential thieves.  This includes expensive cameras and video cameras.  It is not advisable to carry them around your neck.

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number Four:

If you are travelling around by car during your vacation in Florida, then ensure that your car is locked during transit. If you get lost whilst travelling and end up in a ‘dodgy’ looking area, then leave it immediately and do not get out of your car.  Park in well lit areas whenever possible. If someone tries to rob you or steal your car, don’t try to resist. Report the incident to the police department immediately on 911.

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number Five:

If you actually live in Florida, and are going on vacation outside of Florida, then ensure that you discontinue paper and milk deliveries; ask a neighbour to mow your grass during your absence and to close your curtains at night as this gives the property a ‘lived in look’; turn the volume down on your phone and use a ‘light on switch device’ in order that your lights come on during the evening.

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number Six:

Gun carrying in Florida is widespread.  For this reason, do not get into arguments with people on the highway when driving and do not under any circumstances trespass on anybody’s land!

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number Seven:

Always lock your hotel room on entrance. Don’t assume that you are safe once inside the hotel as hotels are open to the public.

Travel Safety in Florida – Tip Number Eight:

Be extra cautious of partaking in Parasailing during your time in Florida.  There are 3 deaths per year in Florida (and an untold number of serious accidents and injuries), resulting from Parasailing accidents and as yet, there are no Parasailing regulations or controls.

It is also the case in Florida, that theme parks are not required to track or audit injuries resulting from theme park rides.  For this reason, avoid any theme parks which do not look as though they invest heavily in their rides or the environment.  Try to visit theme parks which are known to have a good reputation as it is likely that they have greater adherence to safety controls and measures.

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