Tree House Hotels In California

Tree houses are especially fun and exciting for children, but consider what it would be like for a family to spend the night in a tree house instead of a traditional hotel…

They aren’t particularly common in most of the rest the world, but there are some interesting tree house hotels available in California.  Read our guide to find out about the unique tree house hotel experience.

A tree house hotel is just that – the rooms are built off the ground in the trees.  They are considered to be Eco-friendly resorts, and are complete with an interesting mixture of furniture, and modern appliances.  They are the perfect place for nature lovers and those craving something really different – not the same old carbon-copy hotel room.

Details Of Available Accommodations

The Post Ranch Inn is a Big Sur luxury hotel containing seven of these tree house rooms that are built nine feet off the ground in the trees; entrée being gained by stairs going up into the tree house.  These triangular-shaped rooms contain the “expected” amenities of a normal hotel room including the bed, a desk, bathroom, air conditioning, even a fireplace, at a resort that is beyond expectations.  The rooms are on the inland side with views of the mountains, and rates for the tree house rooms average $895 per night.

Another amazing tree house hotel in the Sonoma wine country area of California, is the Redwood Tree House in Healdsburg.  This incredible hotel is situated in a beautiful redwood grove in Northern California on the banks of the Russian River. It is a three-bedroom property, and rates range from $333 to $490 per night.  With the beautiful river close by for fishing, casinos, and numerous wineries nearby, this tree house hotel is a must stay for a truly unique getaway.

Nearby Activities

For the travelers going to the Big Sur Tree House at the Post Ranch Inn, should possess a love of the outdoors; as most activities center around the spectacular waterfalls, the ocean views, camping, wildlife, backpacking and hiking, biking, fishing, boating, and generally enjoying the outdoors.  Big Sur is an approximately 90 mile stretch along the California coastal highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. There is plenty to see and do in the Big Sur area.

For those wanting to stay further away from the ocean, but still possessing a love of the outdoors, the Redwood area offers, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, and spectacular scenery for those who prefer outdoor activities.  However, there are also nearby wineries, museums, and several casinos for those preferring indoor activities.

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