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Chinese Names

Interested in Chinese names? Get an overview of the different kinds of Chinese names in our comprehensive information guide.The collection of Chinese names is as extensive as is the collection of symbols used in the Chinese writing systems. The wide spectrum of Chinese names varies in terms of their meaning and origins. Popular Chinese names [...]

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Chinese Baby Names

Interested in Chinese baby names? Thinking of a Chinese name for your newborn? Find out what the extensive library of Chinese baby names has to offer for boys and girls.It is well known that the Chinese have the most extensive range of symbols in their writing system. Similarly they have a huge library of Chinese [...]

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Funny Chinese Names

Interested in funny Chinese names? Get a load of some Chinese names that will have you rolling on the floor.Certain Chinese names have the tendency to sound quite funny to the average non-Chinese listener. This can be said about names from any culture as they may seem to sound alien to other cultures. The Chinese [...]

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Chinese Dog & Cat Names

Looking for Chinese dog and cat names? Read on to discover some of the most popular Chinese names for your pets.If you are looking for unique pet names for your dog or cat then the Chinese library of pet names has plenty of interesting options at bay. As it is Chinese names tend to have [...]

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Chinese Girls Names

Interested in Chinese girls names? Get an overview of some of the best & most popular Chinese names for girls.A new born baby girl is a gift from God. The name you choose for your baby is the first and most long lasting gift that parents give to their new born. Many people are attracted [...]

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Chinese Last Names

Interested in knowing about Chinese last names? Find out about the different kinds of Chinese last names and their origins.The last names that are used by many of the Chinese people today actually belong to the Han Chinese and the Sinicized Chinese ethnic groups. When we speak of Chinese last names we are actually talking [...]

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Common Chinese Names

Looking for common Chinese names? Read on to get an overview of some of the most popular Chinese names.China is one of the heavily populated regions of the world. Over the years the Chinese people have spread all over the world and the public has in some way or the other been introduced to the [...]

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Chinese Boy Names

Interested in Chinese boy names? Find out what the wide spectrum of Chinese boy names has to offer.Traditionally Chinese parents would name their children after analyzing its meaning.  They would choose names that have great virtuous meanings with the hope that their child would develop those good qualities. The collection of Chinese names for boys [...]

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