Chinese Names

Chinese Names

Interested in Chinese names? Get an overview of the different kinds of Chinese names in our comprehensive information guide.

The collection of Chinese names is as extensive as is the collection of symbols used in the Chinese writing systems. The wide spectrum of Chinese names varies in terms of their meaning and origins.

Popular Chinese names

Since there are so many Chinese people in the world there are some Chinese names that have not only been popular within the Chinese culture but have become quite common in the rest of the world as well. The spectrum of popular Chinese names is extensive but there are certain names like Lee, Chang and Chen that top the list as being the most popular Chinese names.

Wen is one of the most popular given names amongst the Chinese. It translates as culture. Then you have the name Zhi which is also one of the most popular Chinese names. It translates as emotions. Yi is another popular Chinese name which has a meaning that compliments its sound as it means cheerful. Ming, Hong, Hui and Ya are other popular Chinese names.

Chinese Surnames

Lee is one of the most common surnames originating from China. Movie legends like Bruce Lee and Jet Li have also contributed to making this surname popular. This particular name has been present in the Chinese culture for many years.

The most common Chinese surname is the often heard Chen. There are thousands of Chinese that have Chen, which may also be spelt as Chan, as their surnames. Lin is another popular surname present amongst the Chinese community of the world. Huang, Wang, Lui, Cai, Wu and Zhang are other popular Chinese surnames.

Chinese baby names

Anyone looking to give their child a Chinese name will find there to be plenty of options to choose from. If you have a baby boy then you can choose names that have virtuous meanings like Chen which means great. Deshi is another distinctive Chinese name for baby boys meaning virtuous.

There are plenty of beautiful Chinese names for baby girls as well. The short and simple Bo is unique sounding and translates to mean precious. Jia is one of the all time classic Chinese names for baby girls. This sweet sounding name means beautiful and is an ideal choice for parents looking for an interesting name.

Funny Chinese names

There are some Chinese names that can appear to be quite funny especially to non-Chinese speakers. Dingbang for example is a unique sounding Chinese name that comes across as funny to the English speaking masses. Although the name does not have a funny meaning as it means “protector of the country”  for those unfamiliar with Chinese language the unfamiliar phonetics can be amusing.

Manchu, sounding like the famous Chinese dish “Manchurian” is also a Chinese name that comes across to some as funny. Some names like Ho are so abrupt that they sound more like a reflex action. Chinese names like Hua are also thought by some to be funny because they sound like one of the calls made during martial arts.

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