Chinese Baby Names

Interested in Chinese baby names? Thinking of a Chinese name for your newborn? Find out what the extensive library of Chinese baby names has to offer for boys and girls.

It is well known that the Chinese have the most extensive range of symbols in their writing system. Similarly they have a huge library of Chinese baby names to choose from. Today Chinese names are gaining popularity even in non-Chinese cultures as people seek to give their children unique names that will make them stand out in a crowd. Following are some popular Chinese names for babies.

Chinese baby names for boys

If you are looking for a short and easy Chinese name for your baby boy then Chen would fit your requirement just fine. This is one of the most common Chinese names for boys. It has been present in the Chinese culture since time immemorial and till date remains one of the most popular choices. This name is 100% Chinese in origin and translates as Great in English. Chen is one Chinese baby name that is literally great.

Another popular Chinese baby name for boys is Chang. This is perhaps second in popularity only to the above mentioned name. Like Chen, Chang too has a very distinct Chinese flavor. At the same time it is simple enough which makes it easy to remember yet it retains its quality of being unique. The name has quite a characteristic meaning as it translates to take on the meaning of “smooth”

If you are looking for a Chinese baby name for your little boy that is not something commonly used then the library of Chinese names is not going to fail you. To start off with you have the name Deshi which is a unique sounding Chinese name. Although this name has been present amongst the Chinese since many years it is one of the rarely heard names. The unique sounding name has an excellent meaning as it translates as virtuous.

Chinese baby names for girls

If you are looking for a Chinese name for your little princess then rest assured you have plenty of options at bay. You will be able to find Chinese baby names for your girl that not only sound and spell beautiful rather they have great meanings as well.

Amongst the vast collection of Chinese baby names for girls is the simpler than simple name Bo. This is an all time classic choice for people of Chinese origins or otherwise. Although this particular name is also of Chinese origin it does not have that distinct Chinese flavor. In fact only those who are aware of the history of this name will be able to tell that it is actually a Chinese name. This short and simple name means precious which is what makes it an ideal choice to keep for your little princess.

Names like Jia go to show how beautiful sounding Chinese names can be. This particular name has such a short spelling but carries with it a great flow and ambiance. The name Jia, which even translates to mean beautiful captures the essence of the fairer sex.

If however, you want to go with something more fancy and distinctively Chinese then you have names like Mulan that can serve the purpose. This is actually the name of the Magnolia blossom in Chinese but has been used to name baby girls in the Chinese culture.

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