German Daggers

Interested in German daggers? Learn more about the different prewar and postwar presentation and commemorative German daggers...

There are many different German daggers classified as military class, commemorative class and presentation class daggers. Some of these are available for sale as there are many collectors of these relics. They are available from select retailers in military shows or from online sellers.

A prewar German SA Presentation Dagger was awarded to SA member Standartenführer Ziäbler and is considered an unusual and rare presentation dagger by Theodor Eicke. It also has the script and cross guard bearing the name of Standartenführer Helmut Ziäbler.  Eicke later on went to take over the command of the SS-Totenkopf Division.

Description of the Presentation Daggers

This dagger is exceptionally intricate and has a deep style of ornate decoration along with embellishments across the blade and scabbard. It also has a cross guard and pommel. The metallic parts of the dagger and the inscription are gilded. The construction of the blade is credited to Malsch & Ambrown of Steinbach, who was reputed as the desirable yet uncommon and exclusive maker of German daggers. The use of this dagger is minor but it does show some signs of routine wear and tear, adding to its authenticity.

Another pre-war German dagger of the SA Presentation Dagger category was awarded to Feldherrnhalle Veteran Otto Voss. It is also a very unusual and scarce dagger that is generally known as the Adolf Hitler Feldherrnhalle Comrade presentation dagger. This dagger carries deep marks on the throat of the scabbard. A deep engraving of the Adolf Hitler presentation inscription is shown on the reverse side of the blade and is written out in German Sütterlin script. It says: My Feldherrnhalle Comrade – Adolf Hitler. The embellishment is evident on all parts of the dagger and very ornate styles were used to decorate it. The inscriptions and styles include the Feldherrnhall and SA banner printed in the center of the blade, while the München follows below. The blade and inscription are both gilded and the blade was credited to makers FR V. D. KOHLEN of Solingen.

Dagger with Adolf Hitler’s Signature

The NSKK presentation dagger, also known as the Chained High Leader Presentation Dagger, was presented to NSKK Commander Adolf Hühnlein. This rare piece was presented to the paramilitary organization, Cmdr. Korpsführer Adolf Hühnlein, who headed the Transportation Corps that trained soldiers for the Panzer Divisions.  You can see the name in the upper guard. Both the upper and lower guards are marked with runes on each side of the surface in a very intricate manner. On the reverse side of the plate the deep Adolf Hitler presentation inscription is engraved in German Sütterlin script to Korpsführer Hühnlein. The signature of Adolf Hitler is gilded in gold.  The scabbard of this dagger is heavily weighted in silver while the cross guard, blade and pommel, are heavily decorated. The national and NSKK emblems are evident on the blade which is also maker marked on the reverse side.

Another selection from the presentation dagger collection is the unusual and scarce ‘Heinrich Himmler Presentation SS Honor Dagger’ with the Model 1933 scabbard. It is maker marked by Carl Eickhorn Solingen on the blades’ reverse side, and the cross guard also carries the inspector number 4 on its underside. The motto Meine Ehre Heißt Treue is etched on the front while the reverse has the presentation etched on to it ‘In Herzlicher Kameradshaft H. Himmler’. The original factory edge is still evident on the blade because it has not been sharpened or polished, but there are a few nicks on the blade which is a normal sign of wear.

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