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Italian Gardens

After a hectic day what can soothe the mind & body more than a beautiful walk in a magnificent Italian garden? Check out our guide to Italian gardens which gives you the facts & information about design ideas you want to know.Italian gardens have been famous throughout the world for their beauty, their patterns and [...]

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Italian Home Garden

Can you imagine the joy when you get back home tired from work to sit and relax in your own Italian home garden? Read on for more information on how you could turn the dream of an Italian home garden into a reality.Italians have a long history of gardens. They were simply in love with [...]

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Italian Herb Garden

Italian herb gardens have attracted attention throughout the world. Find out where the tradition comes from and what constitutes these beautiful gardens. Our guide to Italian herb gardens gives you the facts & information you want to know.Italy is a country that has many unique elements within its culture. Amongst the many distinctive things that [...]

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Italian Garden Design

Want to make your backyard into an Italian style garden? Get great advice on how to start off building your own Italian garden. Our guide to Italian garden design gives you the tips, facts & information you want to know.Amongst the different things from Italy that have caught the attention of the world is their [...]

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Italian Villa Garden Style

Italian villa gardens have been attracting attention for centuries. Today they are regarded as the most exquisite form of garden designing. Find out where the villa style comes from and how it is valued amongst garden lovers today.The long and narrow boot shaped country of Italy has an extremely rich plant diversity which is visible [...]

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Italian Garden Pasta Salad Recipes

Looking for an interesting salad? Take a look at the easy to make but scrumptiously delicious Italian garden pasta salad. Our guide gives you the information and directions on ingredients and preparations instructions.The Italian sense of garden designing is one of the most distinctive and spectacular compositions of garden space that you will ever see. [...]

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Italian Garden Ponds

Looking to spice up your garden? Find out just how you can do that by incorporating an Italian garden pond into the garden. Our guide gives you useful hints, tips and ideas on how to make your very own Italian garden pond.With their geometrical designs and symmetrical arrangement of plants Italian gardens are one of [...]

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Row Italian Cypress Garden

Looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your garden? Find out what you can accomplish by planting some Italian Cypress trees to turn your garden into a row Italian cypress garden.Those of us that have a garden space in our houses are always looking for ways to enhance the space. This is because [...]

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Italian Garden Menu

Wondering what options you have on the Italian garden menu? Find out about the exhaustive list of Italian food that you can enjoy while relaxing in the Italian garden.Of all the places to sit and eat the Italian garden offers you an extremely intriguing ambiance that makes it one of the best places to dine [...]

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