Famous Spanish Poems

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Spain is a country with immense cultural contributions to the world in the fields of art architecture and literature. While there have been several famous Spanish poets whose poems have become immortalized over the centuries it is important to note that Spain has never been a culturally or linguistically homogeneous country. There are in fact two distinct languages used in Spanish poems; Catalan & Galician. While the majority of famous Spanish poems have been written in Galician, Catalan still represents a vibrant cultural community with interesting poems that are still classified as Spanish.

Famous Spanish Poems & Poets

Spanish poet Garcia Lorca was a gifted artist and a member of the ‘Generation of 1927′, a group of writers who promoted avant-gard literaturec and poems. Through recitals of his Spanish poetry García Lorca became famous even before the publication of his first book of poems. As a writer García Lorca made his first appearance with ‘Libro De Poemas’ (1921), a collection of Spanish poems.

By 1928, with the publication of Rimer Romancero Gitano he became the most famous of all Spanish poets, and leading member of the ‘Generation of 27′, which included Jorge Guillen, Pedro Salinas, Rafael Alberti and Luis Cernuda.

After the death of his friend, a bullfighter, García Lorca wrote lament for the Death of a Bullfighter(1935), which has been proclaimed by the majority of critics as his most famous Spanish poem. The work is divided into four parts, whose individual motifs are weaved together. The figure of one man facing death in the bullring articulated the author’s tragic sense of death.

Famous Spanish Poems

Francisco Gómez de Quevedo y Santibáñez Villegas was a politician and writer of Spanish poems during the Golden Age. Along with his enduring competitor, Luis de Góngora, Quevedo was one of the most famous Spanish poets of the period. His style of poems is exemplified by what was called conceptismo.

Quevedo wrote a large number of famous Spanish poems. His poems, which were not published as a complete book while he was still alive, display a vision of man that is sometimes deformed by a cruel and violent nature. Despite his satirical poems, Quevedo was primarily a serious Spanish poet who could write tender and popular love poems.

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