Nassau Bahamas Activities Cruise

Nassau Bahamas cruise activities include diverse excursions and customized itineraries that make the Bahamas Islands an excellent introductory destination for first time Caribbean cruisers. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Located on the New Providence Island, Nassau is a small city that can be explored in a matter of hours. It is flocked by thousands of cruisers every day, particularly on weekends, with cruise ships docked on the northern side of the islet, a few minutes’ walk from the hub of the city. Many cruises leave from Port Canaveral, Miami and Ft Lauderdale to Nassau.

What makes Nassau a popular cruise destination?

Nassau has long been a harbor of appeal for tourists around the world because of its pleasant climate, world-class recreations, sparkling nightlife and amazing seascape. Located at a distance of about 180 miles off the Florida and Miami Coasts, Nassau’s proximity to the United States has also contributed to its popularity as a cruise destination and holiday resort. Though much of the modern tourism is concentrated on the coast, with enthusiastic vacationers enjoying the beaches and water sports, the Old Town of Nassau still preserves the Caribbean charm amidst quirky architecture.

Popular cruise destinations on the Bahamas

The Bahamas archipelago is made up of more than 700 islands, but only about 50 of them are inhabited. Apart from picturesque islands like Nassau and Freeport, cruise destinations of the Bahamas include private islands, such as Castaway Cay and Half Moon Cay. Cruise passengers can use day passes to the famous Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island, neighboring Nassau.

Nassau port adventures

Shore excursions offered by cruise trips take visitors around the incredible world of marine life, casino games, shopping spots and rich landscapes on the Paradise Island. Visitors can embark on seaside cruises for sightseeing adventures, snorkeling excursions, private sailing charters, kayaking and other water sports. About a million visitors board Nassau cruises every year.

Cruise tour providers

Several cruise ship companies, such as Carnival, Disney, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity offer excursion options.  Visitors can choose to explore the fine beaches, duty-free shopping outlets, water sports or the must-see attractions of the Paradise Island’s Atlantis Resort connected to Nassau by a bridge.

Nassau is a wonderful destination for short getaway cruises with plenty of cruise activities for the thousands of visitors, who throng the island round the year. It is an important part of the major cruise lines and yacht charters, allowing visitors to admire the colonial charm amidst the island recreation offered by one of the most important commercial hub in the tropical islands.

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