Nassau Bahamas Yoga Retreat Reviews

Nassau Bahamas Yoga retreat reviews give an idea of the experiences in retreat programs and courses provided for vacationers in the Bahamas Islands. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Yoga retreat programs in the Bahamas are based on structured schedules in simple lodgings. The program range covers teachers’ training and certification courses, beginner classes, and special retreat courses for guests from around the globe. Vacationers and guests of all religious and cultural backgrounds are allowed to take part in these retreats, whether it is to obtain a certification or attain personal growth. The Sivananda Yoga Retreat Center is a world-renowned ashram located in the Paradise Island. Bimini is also home to a yoga retreat center.

Sivananda Ashram yoga retreat programs

The Sivananda Yoga retreat center in Paradise Island gives a deep insight into the yogic lifestyle. The programs are designed to bring about personal growth, in an attempt to attain peace and harmony. Hatha Yoga is the base of the ashram’s teachings, but instructors cover all areas including Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga. Those seeking yoga vacations have several programs to choose from. These include Yoga Certification courses, Classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and retreat courses presented by world-renowned practitioners.

Lodging options

Yoga retreats offer different kinds of lodging options, ranging from tents to beachfront suites. The Sivananda ashram offers cabins and also allows guests to pitch tents on its grounds. Yoga retreat reviews note that the emphasis is on simplicity, given that guests are looking for a retreat and not a resort. Hence, even expensive cabins do not have televisions sets or Internet access. The objective is to encourage simplicity in the quest to find inner happiness.

Structured schedules

The routine schedules are well-structured with compulsory meditation, breathing practices and asana practices. The practice begins with a meditation at dawn, followed by chanting and Hatha Yoga practice. At 10 am, participants go for meals, i.e. vegetarian meals provided in the ashram, and proceed to the afternoon routine. After another session of asanas, they are required to assist in the ashram duties or chores. Though the routine may seem tedious, as put forth in some reviews, the fatigue is offset while experiencing the tropical paradise with its sandy beaches and pleasant breezes.
Nassau Bahamas Yoga Retreat reviews state that retreat centers also provide courses on Ayurveda, Thai Massage, Advanced Sadhana, Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra, just to name a few. Guests are required to follow the prescribed pattern on a daily basis.

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