Unique Spanish Baby Names

Looking for a unique and special name for you new baby boy or girl? Want to know the meanings of some beautiful and rare Spanish names? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Parents will do almost anything to make their children stand out amongst a sea of others. They can start off by giving them a unique name that is going to get them attention right from the word go. The Spanish language happens to give us some of the most unique names that you will ever come across.

Everybody wants their children to stand out from the crowd. No parent wants their child to be just another face in the crowd; rather they hope for the best and want their child to excel in all matters of life. Parents can do a lot to help their children reach this goal. They can give him good education and a decent upbringing which are the two most important factors in a child’s development. There is however another way the parents can help their children to stand out from in a crowd and that is by giving them a unique name that attracts public attention. A unique name will make the people curious about the child and people will tend to remember him. The question is where to look for a unique name? Well the data bank of Spanish names is loaded with unique names that will definitely fulfill the purpose.

A unique Spanish name can do wonders for your child’s personality. This is because it adds a dimension of individuality for the person. This also intrigues others to find out more about the person. Plus the fact that an odd name out will often be remembered by those who hear it so there is no chance of your child losing out in a crowd. Unique Spanish names are available for babies of both sexes. Most of the Spanish names you will find today date back to a very long time ago. All those nations that have ruled over Spain itself have had a great influence on their names. Spanish names can be derived from Spanish speaking people that live outside of Spain as well, such as the Mexicans. You will find that many of their names have been influenced by Christianity and its preachers and saints.

Unique Spanish Names for Boys

To start off with Alvaro is a very unique Spanish name that almost sounds like a title. The meaning of the name celebrates the highest virtues found in man and those are of justice and wisdom. On the other hand if you want to go on the romantic side you have the name Amador which is another unique Spanish name for boys which means lover. Paz is another short yet distinctive name for a baby boy. It stands out with its spelling, pronunciation and with the meaning all too literally, as it means “solitary”.

Unique Spanish Names for Girls

There are many unique Spanish names that will truly compliment the nature of the fairer sex with their exotic pronunciation and beautiful meanings. Take for example the name “Alvarita”. When have you heard something like this before? The name has a beautiful meaning “Speaker of Truth”. Another unique Spanish name for girls is Savannah which is actually of English origin but largely used as a Spanish name only. It is derived from the word “Zabana” which is of the Taino language and means “open plain”. Inez meaning pure and chaste, Bonita meaning pretty and Chiquita meaning little one are other unique names for baby girls.

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